Summer Internships in Canada

summer internship in canada

Summer internships in Canada offer an incredible opportunity for students and young professionals to gain valuable work experience, develop new skills, and explore potential career paths. Whether you’re a Canadian student looking to build your resume or an international student seeking to immerse yourself in a new culture, Canada’s diverse economy and welcoming environment make it an ideal destination for summer internships. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the benefits of summer internships in Canada, popular industries and companies offering internships, and practical tips for securing and succeeding in your dream internship.

Why Choose a Summer Internship in Canada?

Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world for quality of life, education, and economic opportunities. Here are some compelling reasons to consider a summer internship in Canada:

  1. Diverse Economy: Canada’s economy is diverse and dynamic, with strong industries in sectors such as technology, finance, natural resources, and healthcare. This diversity provides a wide range of internship opportunities to suit various interests and career goals.
  2. Welcoming Culture: Canada is known for its friendly and inclusive culture, welcoming people from all backgrounds and walks of life. As an intern, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues from diverse cultures and perspectives, enhancing your global mindset and intercultural communication skills.
  3. Professional Development: Canadian companies and organizations are invested in the growth and development of their interns. Many internship programs offer structured training, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help interns build valuable skills and connections in their field.
  4. Work-Life Balance: Canada is known for its emphasis on work-life balance, with many companies offering flexible working arrangements and generous vacation time. As an intern, you’ll have the opportunity to experience this balanced lifestyle and explore Canada’s beautiful natural landscapes and vibrant cities during your time off.
  5. International Experience: For international students, a summer internship in Canada provides an opportunity to gain international work experience and enhance your global competitiveness. Working in Canada exposes you to new business practices, cultural norms, and professional networks that can benefit your future career.

Popular Industries for Summer Internships in Canada

Canada’s economy is diverse, offering summer internship opportunities across a wide range of industries. Some popular sectors for internships include:

  1. Technology: Canada’s technology sector is booming, with major hubs in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Companies like ShopifyMicrosoft Canada, and IBM Canada offer competitive internship programs in areas such as software development, data science, and product management.
  2. Finance: Canada’s financial sector is a major contributor to the economy, with opportunities for internships in banking, investment management, and insurance. Companies like RBCTD Bank, and Manulife offer summer internship programs in various finance-related roles.
  3. Engineering: Canada’s manufacturing and natural resources sectors provide ample opportunities for engineering internships. Companies like Suncor EnergyGeneral Motors Canada, and Bombardier offer internships in mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering, among other specializations.
  4. Government and Public Policy: Canada’s federal and provincial governments offer a range of summer internship programs for students interested in public service and policy-making. Programs like the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) and the Ontario Internship Program (OIP) provide opportunities to work in various government departments and agencies.
  5. Non-Profit and Social Impact: Canada’s non-profit sector offers meaningful internship opportunities for students passionate about social impact and community development. Organizations like the Canadian Red CrossAmnesty International Canada, and Habitat for Humanity Canada offer internships in areas such as program coordination, research, and advocacy.

Top Companies for Summer Internships in Canada

Many renowned Canadian and multinational companies offer competitive summer internship programs. Some top companies to consider include:

  1. Shopify: Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, offers a summer internship program for students in various roles, including software engineering, data science, and UX design. Interns work on impactful projects and receive mentorship from experienced professionals.
  2. RBC: The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) offers a summer student and co-op program for students interested in finance, technology, and customer service. Interns receive training, networking opportunities, and exposure to various aspects of the banking industry.
  3. KPMG Canada: KPMG, a global professional services firm, offers a summer internship program for students in accounting, finance, and consulting. Interns work on client projects, receive mentorship, and participate in professional development workshops.
  4. Scotiabank: Scotiabank, one of Canada’s largest banks, offers a summer student program for students in finance, technology, and risk management. Interns work on meaningful projects and have access to networking and mentorship opportunities.
  5. Bombardier: Bombardier, a global leader in the aerospace industry, offers a summer internship program for students in engineering, supply chain management, and finance. Interns work on real-world projects and receive mentorship from industry experts.

How to Find and Apply for Summer Internships in Canada

Finding and securing a summer internship in Canada requires research, preparation, and persistence. Here are some steps to help you in your internship search:

  1. Start Early: Many summer internship programs have application deadlines in the fall or early winter of the previous year. Start your research and application process early to increase your chances of securing your desired internship.
  2. Utilize University Resources: Many Canadian universities have career centers that provide resources and support for internship searches. Attend career fairs, workshops, and information sessions organized by your university to learn about internship opportunities and connect with potential employers.
  3. Explore Online Job Boards: Websites like IndeedGlassdoor, and LinkedIn have dedicated sections for internships and student jobs. Search for summer internships in your desired location and industry, and create job alerts to stay updated on new opportunities.
  4. Network and Attend Industry Events: Networking is a powerful tool for finding internship opportunities. Attend industry conferences, job fairs, and networking events to connect with professionals in your field of interest. Join relevant online communities and groups to stay informed about internship openings and trends.
  5. Tailor Your Application: When applying for internships, tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific role and company. Highlight your relevant skills, experiences, and achievements, and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the opportunity. If required, submit a portfolio or writing samples to showcase your work.
  6. Prepare for Interviews: If selected for an interview, research the company thoroughly and prepare to discuss your qualifications, interests, and goals. Practice common interview questions and prepare thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer about the internship and the company culture.

Tips for Succeeding in Your Summer Internship

Once you’ve secured a summer internship in Canada, it’s essential to make the most of the opportunity. Here are some tips for success:

  1. Set Goals: At the beginning of your internship, set clear goals for what you hope to achieve and learn during your time with the company. Discuss these goals with your supervisor and create a plan to work towards them.
  2. Take Initiative: Show your enthusiasm and willingness to learn by taking on new tasks and responsibilities. Offer to assist with projects, attend meetings, and contribute ideas when appropriate.
  3. Build Relationships: Your internship is an excellent opportunity to build professional relationships. Connect with your colleagues, supervisors, and other interns, and seek opportunities to network with professionals in your field.
  4. Ask for Feedback: Regularly seek feedback from your supervisor and colleagues to identify areas for improvement and growth. Be open to constructive criticism and use it to enhance your skills and performance.
  5. Document Your Experience: Keep a journal or portfolio of your projects, accomplishments, and lessons learned during your internship. This will be valuable for future job applications and interviews, as well as for your personal reflection and growth.
  6. Maintain Professionalism: Treat your internship like a real job, maintaining professionalism in your communication, attire, and work ethic. Be punctual, meet deadlines, and follow the company’s policies and guidelines.
  7. Seek Mentorship: If possible, seek mentorship from experienced professionals in your field. A mentor can provide guidance, advice, and support as you navigate your internship and plan for your future career.


Summer internships in Canada provide an invaluable opportunity for students and young professionals to gain practical work experience, develop new skills, and explore potential career paths. With a diverse economy, welcoming culture, and strong emphasis on professional development, Canada is an ideal destination for summer internships.

To secure a summer internship in Canada, start your search early, utilize university resources and online job boards, network with professionals in your field, and tailor your applications to each opportunity. Once you’ve secured an internship, set goals, take initiative, build relationships, and seek feedback and mentorship to maximize your experience.

By making the most of your summer internship in Canada, you’ll not only enhance your resume and professional network but also gain valuable insights into your strengths, interests, and future career aspirations.

Can international students apply for summer internships in Canada?

Yes, international students can apply for summer internships in Canada. However, they must ensure that their study permit allows for off-campus work and that they comply with any restrictions on work hours. International students may also require a co-op or intern work permit, depending on their program and internship arrangement.

Are summer internships in Canada paid?

Compensation for summer internships in Canada varies by company, industry, and location. Some internships are paid, offering a competitive salary or hourly wage, while others are unpaid or provide a stipend to cover expenses. It’s essential to clarify compensation details with the employer before accepting an internship offer.

How long do summer internships in Canada typically last?

Summer internships in Canada typically last between 8 to 16 weeks, with most programs running from May to August. However, the exact duration may vary depending on the company and the specific internship program.

Can summer internships in Canada lead to full-time job offers?

Many companies use summer internships as a pipeline for recruiting full-time employees. Interns who demonstrate strong performance, work ethic, and cultural fit may be considered for full-time positions upon graduation. However, a full-time offer is not guaranteed, and it’s essential to discuss potential opportunities with your supervisor or HR representative.

How competitive are summer internships in Canada?

 The competitiveness of summer internships in Canada varies by company, industry, and program. Well-known companies and popular industries, such as technology and finance, may receive a high volume of applications, making the selection process more competitive. However, many smaller companies and less well-known industries also offer valuable internship opportunities with less competition.

What are the eligibility requirements for summer internships in Canada?

Eligibility requirements for summer internships in Canada vary by company and program. Generally, applicants must be enrolled in a university or college program and have completed at least one year of study. Some internships may have specific requirements related to academic major, GPA, or technical skills. It’s essential to review the requirements carefully before applying.