Best Medical Schools in Canada Part 1


Best 5  Medical Schools in Canada – Part 1: University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine

Please note that is part of a 5 part article series. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

The debate for the best Medical Schools in Canada has been raging since the time a young high school student dreamed of being a doctor. The motive could be to stop the suffering in the world, to help those in need or maybe to make a difference. Whatever the motive, we live in a society where Doctors are revered

above all else, the very mention of one makes prospective women in other faculties glance for a second look and future mother in laws raise their head high with pride.

In this article series, will provide you an overview of the best Medical Schools in Canada.

University of British Columbia 

University of British Columbia (UBC) is a renowned public institution with a history dating back to 1908. With 32,486 students, it is listed among the top-rated medical institutions in Canada. Its setting is Urban, which is an attractive feature for students who want a complete University experience. The campus is spread out on 1,000 acres. Semester-based academic calendar is followed.

Why the University of British Columbia has one of the Best Medical Programs in Canada?

  • Highly Educated Faculty

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia is considered one of the Ivy League of Canadian Universities. With more than 4,000 Clinical

Faculty members, this institution offers an ideal opportunity to future health-care providers, whether they are occupational therapists, physicians, genetic counsellors, physical therapists, speech therapists, audiologists, or midwives, to prepare for the potential challenges in serving the patients’ needs. UBC has the highest percentage of academic staff with doctorate degrees. The unusually competitive clinical faculty at UBC has facilitated the Faculty of Medicine to turn into a province-wide endeavour.

Multiple proficient faculty members have recently been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals.  Three of them received the medals from the Governor General of Canada.


  • Exemplary Learning Environment

UBC School of Medicine offers its students the best possible conditions and resources for research and learning. The faculty members work in an impeccable working environment based on mutual respect, equity and excellence. The leading-edge research carried out by the institute is contributing tremendously in improving the quality of human life. UBC graduates show strong problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills. They have excellent communication and research abilities. They are flexible, diverse, knowledgeable and innovative. They prove to be responsible members of the society and are considered as agents for constructive change. UBC teaches you the obligations you need to follow as global citizens. It makes you strong enough to strive in severe working conditions and secure an equitable and sustainable future.

  • Impressive Rankings


  • Incredible Research Opportunities

The University of British Columbia is considered a “Research Powerhouse.” The institute provides an ideal environment to both educators and learners for their research work. It takes pride in having the best Faculty of Medicine that has attracted over 292 Million Dollars in research funding. University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine researchers attract over 50% of total research awards annually. These results demonstrate that the faculty members at UBS Schools of Medicine are showing incredible devotion and commitment toward their duties.


  • Interesting, Meaningful, and Prolific Academic Life

The University of British Columbia ensures the highest possible quality of education. For this reason, the classrooms are not overcrowded. Every student gets an equal opportunity to learn and achieve his/her future goals.


  • Innovative Curriculum

The UBC Faculty of Medicine prepares you for practice in the modern world. The curriculum incorporates everything needed by you in order to provide the best, patient-centered care. They teach you to perform in an inter-professional setting where collaboration and teamwork are essential. In order to develop your clinical skills, you are given an opportunity to learn from faculty members, tutors and family physicians. Moreover, you will receive highly informative lecture on unusual topics, such as medicine for special population, e-health, society’s health requirements and rural medicine.

  • Integrated Clerkship

The UBC Faculty of Medicine offers numerous opportunities to the self-directed, motivated learners who are interested in one-on-one learning. Integrated Community Clerkship is a significant program offered to medical students, especially MD undergraduates. Unlike the usual hospital-based clerkship, you are given an opportunity to work with a family physician. In a single day you will see, for example, numerous patients with internal medical complaints, surgical problems, and obstetrics.

  • The I.Work Program

If you are an international student, the I.Work program is a major opportunity for you. It helps international students accomplish their career objectives after graduation via workshops, networking opportunities and information resources. Moreover, the university offers study-abroad exchange programs to their international students. You are also provided with effectual co-operative education opportunities and international service learning opportunities in order to ensure a fruitful career for you. The institute is committed in establishing perfect working partnerships with different groups in developing countries to address challenges specifically in the health sector. Who doesn’t want to get involved in such positive activities that not only increase professional experience, but also bestow an inner satisfaction?

With a reasonable living cost and tuition fee, the University of British Columbia is a great place for students. Overall, with its impressive list of awards, successful Alumni, international reputation and modern facilities make it one of the Best Medical Schools in Canada.

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