Top 5 Nursing Schools in Canada – Part 3


The Top 5 Nursing Schools in Canada is an article series that goes into detail about the Best Nursing Schools in Canada. Here are their respective parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Top Nursing Schools in Canada: Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BScN) at Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University (Dal) is located in Halifax Nova Scotia, It offers many excellent science programs in Canada. One of its strong degree options is the Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BScN). Its nursing program is nationally and internationally

recognized for a robust BScN program in Halifax and Yarmouth proving a very flexible schedule. Moreover, Dal has formed a partnership with Arctic College and created an Arctic Nursing program allowing its students easy access to gain more practical experience. Dal is also the only University that offers a Nursing PhD program in Atlantic Canada.

The Dalhousie School of Nursing was established in 1949, and is part of the Faculty of Health Professionals at Dal. Its primary purpose is to advance Health by educating nurses, generating and applying nursing knowledge and informing health related public policy. Dal’s primary vision is to be considered one of the top five faculties of Nursing in Canada. It is this primary goal that is moving Dal’s nursing program forward. Dal has invested a considerable amount of money, and resources to ensure that it’s nursing facilities, professors and teaching style provides the best nursing education and university experience for the next generation of Nursing graduates.

Dal`s small student experience is perfect for those students who want a big university experience but still want the attention of their professors and complete practical’s with other students in smaller group settings. At Dal you are more than a face in the crowd but you have the opportunity to stand out. Each year Dal only accepts 210 students for its 4 year Nursing program. Therefore with limited spaces the competition can get tough, but if you are accepted you will enjoy the benefits of smaller class sizes. Moreover, Halifax is a big city but has its own small town charm – it also has a very active student charm.


A Nursing career will open up your opportunities to work in numerous environments. For example, within the Hospital you can work in the Medical Unit, Cardiovascular Unit, Oncology and many more. Nurses can also work in Homes, Schools, within industry and communities. Dal has formed strong relationships with other Hospitals and other places where its students can get placements to ensure they get an education outside the classroom.

Dalhousie University of Nursing offers different ways to obtain your Nursing degree. The first is the 4 year basic Nursing Program. This starts with the basics of studying Anatomy, Nursing, and Physiology. In year 2 you will find yourself completing Microbiology, Statistics and Nursing. In the spring of your second semester you will be completing a Nursing Practice to gain more of a practical experience. In year 3 and 4 you will be studying advanced materials in Nursing and Support Science.

The other options are the following:

2 Calendar Year Advanced Standing Option (accelerated-for those applying with prior university experience)

3 Academic Year Advanced Standing Option (accelerated-for those applying with prior university experience)

3 Calendar Year Advanced Standing Option (accelerated-for those applying with prior university experience)


If you are looking to move away from home, Dal might be the ideal choice – Dal boasts an active campus lifestyle with a considerable number of students groups. Student groups range from the Marketing Association to the Fencing club, whatever your fancy Dalhousie University has a place for you. Some students state that Universities closer to major metropolitan areas

like Toronto, Calgary and Montreal are better because they are closer to jobs. Fortunately, Nursing is a hot profession and will continue to be in the forthcoming future. As long as you have a BScN degree and are a registered Nurse you will have no problem finding employment in Atlantic Canada or anywhere else in Canada.

Overall, Dalhousie Universities School of Nursing provides a complete program for the individual who wants an active student campus, a charming city, live student scene and an excellent Nursing program.


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