Law School in Canada – Top 10 Law Schools in Canada:

In this article, I will go over the Top 10 Law Schools in Canada. I discovered these rankings while trying to decide which law school to attend. I kept a word

document throughout my search and documented the pro’s and con’s of each school to help me make an informed decision. I decided to submit this information to, in the hopes that it may help others pick a Law School.

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Top 10 Law School in Canada:

1. University of Toronto
2. McGill –> Comprehensive Overview of McGill’s Faulty of Law (With Photos)
3. Osgoode Hall
4. UBC
5. Queens
6. Dalhousie
7. Western Ontario
8. University of Victoria
9. University of Alberta
10. University of Ottawa

Number 1 – University of Toronto:


* Consistently ranked the number one Law School in Canada.
* Attractive for Bay Street Hiring.
* Respected faculty.
* Location.
* Entering class at U of T in 2010 has a median LSAT in the 96th percentile.
* Attracts a very high caliber of students.
* Produces a large number of SCC Clerks.

Number 2 – McGill:


* Attractive for both Bay Street and International hiring.
* Tran systemic education (need to understand both Civil & Common Law).
* Location.
* Medium tuition.
* Produces a large number of SCC clerks.

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Number 3 – Osgoode Hall



* Good employment prospects.
* Location.
* Good clinical and volunteer opportunities.
* New building planned.
* Independent brand from Host University.
* Offers a JD/ MBA program.
* Strong alumni (especially in Toronto)

Number 4 – UBC:


* Low Tuition.
* Variety in Course Selections.
* Known for its Family Law program.
* Strong Environmental Law program..

Number 5 – Queens University:


* Well know for its Criminal Law program.
* Smaller class sizes.
* Organized Administration.
* Excellent professors.
* Several Clinical Programs which include Family, Business, Civil/ Criminal and Correctional.
* Tight knit community.

Number 6 – Dalhousie:


* Excellent Health Law program.
* Strong Environmental Law program.
* National Recruitment Reach.

Number 7 – Western Ontario:


* Beautiful Campus.
* One of the best Business Law programs.
* Offers a JD/ MBA program.
* Smaller Class sizes.
* Cozy/collegial atmosphere.

Number 8 – University of Victoria:


* Smaller class sizes.
* Strong community feel.
* Mild Weather.
* Co-op Program.
* Strong Environmental Law program.

Number 9 – University of Alberta:


* Good option if you want to focus on Energy Law.
* Excellent Health Law program.

Number 10 – University of Ottawa:


* Location.
* Good placements in SCC Clerkships.
* Option to pursue Civil degree.
* Proximity to the Government.
* Several Pro-bono opportunities.
* Known for its International, Social justice and Environment Law programs.
* Variety in Course offerings.
* Strong Environmental Law program.

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