Best Law Schools in Canada – University of Toronto Faculty of Law


Best Law Schools in Canada – University of Toronto Faculty of Law

There may be a lot of debate about what the best law schools in Canada are, but there is no debate that the University of Toronto Law School is definitely one of the best law schools in Canada.

In this article will present to you the Best Law Schools in Canada. This is in no particular order but if it has made this list than you can be sure that it is one of the best.

The University of Toronto Faculty of Law is located on 84 Queens Park, Toronto Ontario. It is no surprise that being in one of the biggest cities in Canada is an instant benefit to this fine establishment. This close proximity to such a large metropolis attracts established and well respected law firms to this school. In 2011 Macleans Common Schools Ranking, University of Toronto Faculty of Law placed number one in Elite Firm Hiring. It is no surprise that this school does not need a brand like York’s: “Osgoode” as the name Toronto carries a lot of weight in and of itself.

This location advantage benefits the quality of faculty this school acquires. I have to say, it is one of the best. Macleans indicated that the University of Toronto Faculty of Law possesses the best Faculty in

Canada. As is, they are #1. As I said before being right outside downtown Toronto has its advantages. Folks, looks at it like this – the U.S has many major cities: New York, LA, Washington etc. Canada – well it really only has 1: Toronto…well Montreal but you unless you are fluent in French and English you cant have much of an impact. I have spoken to many University of Toronto Law School students and its proof that many of their Seminar courses are taught by: Senior-esque Partners, academic that practices Law, or a Senior Partner at some of the best firms in the given areas of Law.

Moreover, the requirements to get into Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto are definitely not easy. This means that the caliber of students here are truly spectacular. If you are here than you must be something amazing. There are definitely a lot of smart people at UofT and this creates interested dialogue that results in that higher learning experience that they advertise so well.


If you one day find yourself strolling down philosophers road on the University of Toronto Campus be aware that you are part of an establishment with tremendous history. It was established in 1887 and is one of the oldest professional faculties at the University of Toronto. This place has a lot of history, culture, heritage, and tradition. All essential elements that make Law School great, amazing things happen when you put smart individuals in a place that has produced so much talent.

We all know, that the quality of education is better when a teacher has more access to their students. This is why we put our kids in private schools, we believe that the teacher will be able to spend more time with our kids. This is why we roar and beat our chests when we find that public schools have a student to teacher ratio of 45-1.

All this noise has a point, it’s true that a student to teacher ratio does in fact determine the quality of education a pupil receives. University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law has a total enrolment of approximately 600 and boasts a 10:1 student/ faculty ratio, the best in North America and only matched by Yale. This is not only about the quality of education however, at this level teachers can greatly assist students in connecting them to employers, and providing guidance with the different areas of law and where the best fit would be for that particular student.

To satisfy Canada’s bar requirement it is paramount that a student practice a 10-12month paid articling internship. This is essential and the University of Toronto faculty of law ensures that its students satisfy this requirement. In fact, more than 90% of the third year class secure articling positions by the time of graduation.

Moreover the reputation of the school means something, whether you practice big law or not. U of T’s prestige, both domestic and abroad, means that graduates have unique opportunities open to them; for example, U of T has recently been added to the list of schools which may send students to clerk at the International Court of Justice. U of T’s alumni network is as good as any law school in the province, and it seems like wherever you go, people respect the fact that you went to U of T. It’s not that it’s necessarily “the best”, it’s more just a solid recognition of the fact that it is a good school and the students it produces are superb students. I imagine this is something that will remain the same on an ongoing basis.

There are definitely a lot of good reasons to study at the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto. However there are some drawbacks.

The cost, wow it is high. Where most Canadian Law Schools are up to $15,000/ year, UofT is at $25,000. Well, the #1 faculty in the country comes at a price…a steep one at that. Furthermore, UofT has very little merit based funding, so if you are going to be Mr./ Mrs. Perfect Marks you wont really get rewarded for it. The odds of you getting a scholarship are minimal and I am talking for both pre and during Law School.

The facilities are not overly great. They’re not terrible, but they definitely feel dated and it’s a bit frustrating when you’re spending the kind of money that we do for school that the facilities have not been renovated in some time. The “best” class rooms are Flavelle A, B and C; which are basically seminar halls with office chairs for seating. Bennett Lecture Hall (BLH) is the biggest classroom the school has, and it’s something out of the 1970s. You can expect to have 50% of your first year classes in BLH. The only room worse than this is the Moot Court Room, which I swear is one of the worst designed rooms on the planet, with tight narrow rows and a virtual impossibility of getting past people during class if someone wants to get out to go to the washroom or something. Falconer, the administration building, houses a couple classrooms with uncomfortable wooden chairs that are pretty dated as well. Some of the bathrooms are 1940s-esque. So yeah. There’s supposed to be a new building at some point (this was a selling point in 2007), but it’s now 2011 and the building does not appear to be any closer to being a reality.

All in all, the University of Toronto Faculty of Law is a prestigious establishment that boasts a superb faculty, an unbeatable location to top law firms, and a fantastic education bar none. However, the cost is steep, and the facilities are dated. In the end, this University will make a fine lawyer out of you and you will join a world class alumni that demands the best salaries in the world.

Where ever you go, future Lawyer we at wish you the very best.


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