Best Law Schools in Canada – Part 4 – Dalhousie Faculty of Law

Best Law Schools in Canada – Part 4 – Dalhousie Faculty of Law

Law is a honorable profession characterized by the preservation of justice and truth. If you have always dreamed of defending the poor and the innocent, then a career in law rightfully suits you.

Before you get on the path to becoming an attorney, you need to work on your knowledge and skills first. Of course, the best way for you to do this is to enroll in one of the best law schools in Canada: Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law

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About the Dalhousie-Schulich School of Law

Formally opened in the year 1883, the Dalhousie-Schulich School of Law was formerly known as the

Dalhousie School of Law.  This reputable law school is not only the largest legal institution in Atlantic Canada, it is also the oldest university-affiliated institution in the Commonwealth.

The then-Dalhousie School of Law was first headed by Dean Richard Chapman Weldon, and under his direction the institution focused on public law, international law and constitutional history. With the school’s developments in legal education, Dalhousie’s curricula became the educational basis for most law institutions in Canada.

In September 2009, the school’s name was changed to Schulich School of Law, after the $20 million bequeathal of philanthropist Seymour Schulich. Much of the donation was directed towards 41 scholarship programs, each averaging $12,000.

Influenced by the tradition of Harvard Law, as well as the guidance of renowned public servant Dean Weldon, it comes as no surprise why Dalhousie graduates have emerged as leaders in the field of public service.

Why Study Law at Dalhousie University?

Apart from being one of the best law schools in Canada, there are so many things that make Dalhousie legal

education a priceless one. Here are several reasons why you should become a Schulich-schooled attorney:

1) Dalhousie boasts of a long-standing tradition of academic excellence.

For more than 130 years, the school has been developing Canada (and the world’s) brightest lawyers. In 2012, it was heralded by Maclean’s as the sixth best common law school in Canada. It ranks third in faculty hiring, fifth in Supreme Court clerkships, seventh in Faculty Journal citations, eighth in Elite Firm hiring and twelfth in national reach. With these rankings, Dalhousie is definitely a force to reckon with, especially in terms of law education.

2) Schulich offers a world-class law degree.

Since the year 1957, Dalhousie has been granting JD/LLB degrees that are recognized in other Canadian provinces – and other countries as well. With a Schulich law degree under your belt, you can practice your profession in any part of the globe.

Apart from a Juris Doctor degree, Dalhousie students get to study other post-graduate degrees, such as Master of Public Administration, Master of Health Services Administration, Master of Library and Information Science and Master of Business Administration.

3) Dalhousie Law employs the best law professors and practitioners in the world.

At the Schulich School of Law, you get top-caliber legal education with the help of Canada’s best lawyers and educators. Not only are they the leaders in the field of policy-making and practice, they are authorities in the field of academe as well.

Dalhousie’s esteemed educators include Dean Kim Brooks, who practiced tax law in both Toronto and London; Acting Associate Dean Diana Ginn, who specializes in administrative law and law and religion; and Asst. Professor Geoffrey Loomer, who specializes in tax law and policy. And the list goes on!

4) Schulich School of Law enables you to “practice what you preach.”

True to the tradition of Dean Richard Chapman Weldon, the founder of the Dalhousie School of Law, the institution enables its students to put their knowledge into good use with its community service and public service programs.

As Canada’s first clinical law program, Schulich mans several hands-on educational programs, such as the Dalhousie Legal Aid Service, the Criminal Law Clinic, the Judges’ Clerkship Program, the Health Law and Environmental Law placements. Here, you can put your skills into the test – they might just be what you need in order to become one of the greatest lawyers in the world.

5) Dalhousie gives you a chance to specialize in a certain field of law.

Are you interested in specializing in a certain branch of law? Dalhousie can help you do this with the help of its Law and Technology Institute, Marine and Environmental Law Institute and Health Law Institute. Specializing in any of the aforementioned studies can help you become the ‘lawyer’ you ought to be.

6) Dalhousie offers international study opportunities.

If you plan on expanding your horizons, then the Schulich School of Law is the perfect institution for you. Not only will you get global insights from the professors, you can sign up for international exchange programs as well. Dalhousie students are given the opportunity to spend a semester in Laval University (Quebec), Vrije Universiteit (Netherlands), Lund University (Sweden), Bucerius Law School (Germany), University of Maine (USA), Queensland University of Technology – Faculty of Law (Australia) and the National University of Singapore, to name a few.

7) Dalhousie plays home to a vast resource collection.

At the Schulich School of Law’s Sir James Dunn Law Library, you can get your hands on an infinite number of resources. Home to as much as 200,000 common-law collections, the library also offers a treasure trove of online materials as well.

8) The Schulich School of Law helps you get ready for what lies ahead.

Even if you are educationally-ready for the legal profession, you need to make certain adjustments in order to thrive in the dog-eat-dog world of law. Schulich can help you make the needed preparations with the help of its Career Development Office (CDO), a center that offers career counseling, volunteer placements, post-graduate fellowships and graduate degree programs, to name a few.

The staff members at the CDO are more than ready to review your application letters, resumes and cover letters, among many other documents – so you can be a step ahead of other applicants.

Students’ Feedbacks

Known to be a contemporary of Harvard Law, Dalhousie students – alumni too – are more than grateful with the education they receive/have received at the Schulich School of Law. With the institution’s promising law newspaper, academic events and programs, the school is praised by its learners as one of the best centers for legal education in Canada.

Closing Remarks

The reasons for studying law at Dalhousie University are numerous. The Schulich School of Law, after all, provides excellent legal education that is honored in most parts of the world. Backed with honorable professors, specialization institutes and a vast library collection, Dalhousie’s Faculty of Law proves to be the best school for those who want to change the face of law – or at least improve it.

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