Cracking the Business Analyst Interview Prep-Course Review

This is a guest post by: Robin Ojerinde:

Recently I was forced to apply to Business Analyst positions, I say forced because I had been moving from one contract Business Analyst role to another for the past 5 years.

Needless to say, I was very confident when I began applying and started receiving interviews; however after 7 months and countless rejection letters I began to wonder am I ever going to get hired?

This is when I stumbled across Andy’s Business Analyst Interview Workshop videos which I found thoroughly helpful.

I wanted to purchase Andy’s Cracking the Business Analyst Interview Prep-Course but I was skeptical as I had never purchased anything online before.

However, my skepticism didn’t last long after I emailed Andy and realized he had a wealth of experience and knowledge which broadened my understanding of the B.A field and Business Analyst Interviews.

I made the plunge and purchased the Cracking the Business Analyst Interview Guide, because honestly I needed the help – even if I didn’t want to admit it.

The Prep-Book begins with what the Business Analyst hiring managers are looking for. After all, you can’t crack an interview unless you know what the interviewer is expecting from an ideal candidate.

Andy outlines 10 key core characteristics that you must demonstrate to ensure that you hit the checkmarks across the board.

Immediately, I began to realize the mistakes I had made in my prior interviews and what I could do to fix them.

The Prep-Book, then goes on to explain several fundamental concepts such as the WAI Statement, Business Analyst FIT, B.A Behavioural Competencies and Attributes, and the Winning Interview Preparation Combo (very very helpful, really helped me to structure my answers).

Ofcourse, there are a lot of bonuses. If you get the Premium option you get access to all the videos in the Business Analyst Interview Success Workshop (6 Videos), PDF’s, MP3’s and get to ask Andy 2 questions (invaluable).

What I found the most helpful was the Business Analyst Interview Questions and Best Answers. I found these to be exceptional because I had done Business Analyst Interviews before so I knew what questions to expect but I didn’t know how to answer them. This is where Andy’s ready prepared answers came exceptionally handy.

The only downside I experienced was the Andy took a day and a half to respond to my email while I was expecting him to respond in a few hours.

Since getting the Prep-Book I have obtained a Senior Business Analyst position whilst I was applying to simply Business Analyst positions in the past. I am absolutely ecstatic and beyond grateful to Andy and the work he has done. My accomplishment with his program has inspired me to write this guest review and I hope you have found it helpful.



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