Top 10 Colleges in Canada – St. Thomas More College – Part 10

Top 10 Colleges in Canada – St. Thomas More College – Part 10

Located in the district of Saskatoon is St. Thomas More College (STM), a Catholic institution that offers undergraduate liberal arts programs. Instituted in 1936 by the Basilian Fathers, STM serves as a confederated hand of the University of Saskatchewan.

With such status, STM is administratively and financially autonomous from the University of Saskatchewan. Although this is the case, a STM student will receive diplomas from the said university, as the college does not have

the authority to grand a bachelor’s degree.

STM students get to study any of the following BA, B.Sc., BFA and B.Mus. degrees in Anthropology, Catholic Studies, Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Economics, Languages and Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies and Sociology, to name a few.

Favored by many students in the country and in other nations, STM appeals to many eager students because of its reputation, strong educational programs and sense of community because of its small-scale set-up.

Admission for International Students at St. Thomas Moore College

International students who are interested in studying at STM need to finish certain courses. The admissions officer will then weigh the grades to determine if the applicant is eligible for enrollment. Average tuition fees for foreign students range from CAD 13100 to CAD 13800.

Advantages of St. Thomas More College Education – Why is it one of the best Colleges in Canada?

Are you thinking of studying at STM? Here are some points that can help you determine why the college is the best option for your educational needs:

  • STM courses are taught by faculty members of the University of Saskatchewan University Council and the College of Arts and Sciences. You get to receive first-rate university education even if you are enrolled in a college as its admission processes are similar to that of the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Do you have concentration issues at school? You will be a good fit in STM, as its courses are taught in a smaller size. Such, these courses are better alternative for students who find it hard to focus in big groups.
  • Unlike the University of Saskatchewan, STM offers a Community Service Learning program that enables its students to participate in community service projects and engage in volunteer work as part of their education. True enough, STM fosters real-life education, unlike the textbook knowledge one gets at school.
  • Students can enroll at STM even if the subjects they want to take are not available in the college, as they can take them at the University of Saskatchewan.
  • STM has a campus ministry team that provides faith programs and spiritual support to its students, Catholic or not.
  • You get to immerse yourself in Ukrainian language and culture through the STM Prairie Center for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage.
  • STM offers up to $150,000,000 worth of scholarships/bursaries every year.
  • STM has an extensive library – similar to that of universities. Currently, it contains more than 50,000 volumes.
  • STM is known as the second-best college in the country, after RMC. It currently ranks 73 out of 97 Canadian colleges.

While STM education has many pros, the only disadvantage to enrolling at this college is its markedly higher tuition fee, as it follows the fees of University of Saskatchewan, which averages at CAD 5070 for Canadian students, and CAD 13182 for foreign applicants.

Who should study at St. Thomas Moore College?

There are many colleges in the country, but if you belong to any of the brackets as shown below, then you will enjoy the quality of education that STM provides.

  • Students who wish to immerse themselves in sacred studies, such as Catholic Studies and Religious Studies.
  • Students who wish to enjoy university-caliber education, as STM is affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Students who wish to study Ukrainian languages and heritage.

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