Top 10 Colleges in Canada – Part 1

Top 10 Colleges in Canada – Part 1 – George Brown College (Toronto, ON)

Education is important in life. As such, many Canadian youths – even international students – are thinking of studying in tertiary institutions in the country, given their stellar reputation and excellent quality of education.

In this article series, will explore the Top 10 Colleges in Canada. We will provide details of the school, reputation, student feedback, rankings and further information for international students wishing to

study at a College in Canada.

Please note that this is part one of the Article Series titled: The 10 Best Colleges in Canada. Please scroll to the bottom of this article for its respected parts.

In Canada, you will be faced with two options for higher education: university education or college education. The former has bigger classes, more extracurricular activities and higher GPA cut-offs. Colleges, on the other hand, have smaller classes, hands on practical experience and cheaper costs.

Despite their stark differences, college education in Canada is just as prestigious as university education, as evidenced by their national and international rankings. So if you want to achieve world-class education for a more affordable price, then make sure to choose from any of these top 10 colleges in Canada:

Please note the following are in no particular order, and do not signify one is better than another. However, if they are on this list then they are definitely one of the best colleges in Canada.

Top College in Canada #1: George Brown College (Toronto, Ontario):

George Brown College (GBC) is an accredited public institution with several campuses in Toronto,

Canada. Established in 1967 by the Ontario government, the school was formerly called the College of Applied Arts and Technology. It was then renamed after the prominent figure – George Brown – who served as one of the Fathers of the Confederation.

Currently, GBC offers 33 diploma and 25 advanced diploma programs, as well as six degrees, one of which is provided in conjunction with Ryerson University. It also offers 6 pre-college courses, 27 certificate degrees, 11 apprenticeship programs and 27 graduate certificate courses.

While its excellent curriculum makes GBC attractive to most students, the hands-on experience that the school offers is what its graduates consider as the best asset of the school. The co-op and real-world immersion of GBC students have helped them land great jobs immediately upon graduation.

Information for International Students

True to its mission of being a key resource in shaping Toronto in a leading global city, GBC keeps its door open to foreign students. Unlike any other colleges, it offers a specialized curriculum for foreigners and immigrants.

Apart from providing certificate, diploma and bachelor’s programs, GBC reaches out to students who can’t afford to live in Canada through its distance education courses.

Like most Ontario colleges, aspiring students need to visit to choose a program that suits their preferences. After filling up the application and paying the CAD 65 application fee, academic documents that were evaluated by WES or ICAS should be submitted as well.

Foreign applicants also need to pass the GBC admissions test, apart from producing a range of 6-6.5 result in the IELTS and a score of 80-92 in the TOEFL. The applicant’s score for the George Brown Intensive Program, on the other hand, should be 8-9.

The status of the application can then be viewed through the GBC website.

Tuition fees for international students depend on the degree he wishes to take. The cost for diploma/certificate/post-graduate programs is CAD 11,400, while degree courses cost CAD 14,600 for every 2 semesters.

Because of the high demand for GBC application, foreign applicants are recommended to send in their requirements at least six months before the start of the school year.

Given the college’s reputation and quality education, a total of 3,270 international students are now calling GBC their home away from home.

Why is George Brown College (GBC) one of the best institutions in Canada? The school counts six ways:

It has downtown campuses littered around Toronto. As a GBC student, you can study at its St. James, Waterfront, Casa Loma and Ryerson University campus.

Its students are taught by topnotch educators, so you can be rest assured that receive the best education possible.

The school provides you excellent education for an affordable price, especially for Canadian natives. The average tuition fee for in-state residents is as little as CAD 2,050.

GBC offers programs and courses that you can tailor-fit into your busy schedule. Even if you are working full-time, you can manage to sneak in some courses from GBC.

GBC features modern facilities that enable informative, real-world experience.

GBC produces some of the best graduates in Canada, according to international employers. In fact, many GBC alumni can be found in topnotch companies, such as Coca-Cola, Cisco Systems, IKEA and Marriott Hotels, to name a few.

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