Top 10 Colleges in Canada – College of the North Atlantic – Part 7

Top 10 Colleges in Canada – College of the North Atlantic – Part 7

The College of the North Atlantic (CNA) is famous for its quality education, reputation and peaceful location, thus making it one of the best colleges in Canada.

CNA is the public college of Labrador and Newfoundland, making it one of the biggest institutions for tertiary

education and training centers in Atlantic Canada. While its headquarters is located in Stephenville, there are a total of 17 campuses dispersed throughout the region. It also has one international arm based in Qatar.

It was just in 1997 when the CNA was formally established, when the province’s five community colleges were united under one name. Despite its young age, CNA’s tradition of excellent education has started four decades ago, in the year 1963, with the opening of the District Vocational Schools in Labrador city.

CNA offers 100 full-time programs and 30-part time courses. Students can engage in degrees in the following fields: Academics, Applied Arts, Business Studies, Health Sciences, Engineering Technology, Industrial Trades, Information Technology and Tourism and Natural Resources.

Its accessible location is one of the numerous factors that make CNA very attractive to students. After all, the college is located in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, which is renowned for its beautiful environment and colorful culture.

Admission for International Students

At CNA, International students get to experience the quality education that Canada is famous for. Apart from providing world-class education to its foreign students, CNA also facilitates airport pick-up, student orientation, personal counseling and peer tutoring.

CNA tuition fee for foreign students starts at CAD 7500 and can go as high as 10400. Basic requirements include

completion of high school studies or the presentation of high school equivalency certificates. The additional requirements are as follows:

  • Completed application form for admission
  • Transcript of academic record (Original)
  • Proof of Proficiency in the English Language
  • Application fee of CAD 100

Why study at CNA?

Whether you are from Canada or from another country, here are several reasons why you should consider studying at Labrador and Newfoundland’s prestigious public college:

  1. CNA students have a wealth of choices for education. They can choose from over 100 full-time degrees and 30 part-time courses.
  2. Tuition fee is very modest, especially for Canadian citizens, as rates start at just CAD 1000 per semester.  Immigrants and refugees also get to enjoy this affordable tuition cost.
  3. The campus is based in Labrador and Newfoundland, which is one of the best places to live in North America. The district boasts of a warm culture and a low crime rate.
  4. Students have the option to continue their studies at any of CNA’s partner universities.
  5. High school students who have graduated with exemplary marks stand a chance to win a scholarship award from CNA.
  6. CNA students have the opportunity to apply for any of the 100 scholarship programs offered by the college.

While CNA education has many strong points, here are some drawbacks that you need to consider before pursuing a degree at Labrador and Newfoundland’s topnotch public college:

  • CNA does not offer post-graduate degrees (Masteral and Doctorates degrees.)
  • Tuition fee for foreign students are more expensive, compared to other colleges in the country.

With its hundreds of degree offerings, relatively safe community and diverse culture, it comes as no surprise why the College of North Atlantic is ranked as one of the best colleges in the country.

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