Top 10 Colleges in Canada – Aurora College – Part 8

Top 10 Colleges in Canada – Aurora College – Part 8

Aurora College has undergone many name changes in the past few years – Thebacha College in 1981 and Arctic College in 1984. Despite its several moniker changes, one thing remains the same: the exceptional education that makes Aurora College one of the best higher learning institutions in Canada.

Located in the Northwest Territories, Aurora College is an arts and technology institution that serves the remote

areas in the district. As such, it has three dispersed satellite campuses in Yellowknife, Fort Smith and Inuvik.

Aurora College offers the following degrees: Education, Nursing, Developmental Studies, Business Administration, Early Childhood Development, Office Administration and Social Work, to name a few.

The college does not only provide bachelor’s degrees, it also offers certificate and diploma programs in the fields of carpentry, plumbing, environmental monitoring, trading and mining, among many others.

While Aurora College’s campus might be located in remote places, it does not stop students from all over the country from enrolling in the school. After all, it offers a wealth of choices for a tuition fee that most people can afford.

Admission for International Students

Like most colleges in the country, Aurora College admits foreign students to any of its undergraduate degrees, skills development courses and adult literacy classes. Requirements for any of the programs are the following:

  1. Completed Aurora College Application Form
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. Transcript of Education
  4. Criminal Record Check, Mantoux Test and Reference Letters (for Education applicants)
  5. Application fee of CAD 40

Aurora College is considered as one of the best educational institutions for foreign students because of a lot of things.

Its foremost advantage, however, is its tuition fee, which is at the same rate as that of Canadian students: CAD 1250 per semester.

Why Study at Aurora College?

  1. Aurora College offers a variety of programs, ranging from certificate and diploma courses to university transfer programs.
  2. Students can choose to study at any of the college’s 3 campuses and 23 community learning centers.
  3. Mature students – those 20 years of age or older, and those who have been out of school for more than a year – can still pursue their dreams of graduating from college as the institution encourages the entry of mature learners.
  4. Aurora College students can transfer to any of the universities in Southern Canada, as stipulated by the college’s agreements with  the University of Calgary, Lakehead University, Athabasca University and University of Saskatchewan, to name a few.
  5. Unlike other colleges, Aurora offers a post-graduate degree (albeit only one): Master of Nursing.
  6. Tuition fee for Canadian and Foreign students are at the similar affordable rate of CAD 1250 per semester.
  7. If the tuition fee cost is too much for you, you can apply for any of the numerous scholarships and bursaries offered by the college.
  8. The campus based in Inuvik plays home to the biggest gymnasium in the Northwest Territories, making Aurora College a great school for sports-minded students.
  9. Aurora College offers accommodations to single students, as well as students with families.


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