Top 10 Colleges in Canada – Royal Military College of Canada – Part 9

Top 10 Colleges in Canada – Royal Military College of Canada – Part 9

Known to many as the College Militaire Royal du Canada, the RMC is the military college of the Canadian Forces, an institution that transforms regular citizens into well-esteemed officers. This elite institution is well-known for its ability to transform enlisted personnel – as well as civilians – into stellar members focused on defense and the profession of arms.

As the only federal institution in the country with degree-granting powers, the RMC molds into students in guidance

of the four pillars: academics, officership, athletics and bilingualism.

RMC offers undergraduate degrees in Engineering, Arts, Science and Applied Military Science through its four faculties. Post-graduate studies, on the other hand, can be obtained through the Continuing Studies Division and Graduate Studies and Research.

Because of its special degree offerings, students and alumni take pride in the school’s educational quality. Its resources, as well as its beautiful yet safe campus, make it one of the most famous colleges in the country.

Admission for International Students

Despite its ‘national’ status, RMC is open to international students as well, especially enlisted foreign officials who wish to educate themselves with topnotch military education. Requirements include SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests, as well as units in various subjects (depending on the course you are applying for.) The average tuition fee for international students can get as high as CAD 8000.

What makes RMC the best college in Canada?

  • RMC is the only college in the country that is tuition-free for enlisted personnel through its Regular Officer Training Program. Under this scholarship, students also receive salary that covers dental care, as well as vacation leave with full pay. After graduating, the student will receive a university degree, as well as an officer’s rank in the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • RMC offers unique and specialized programs that address the educational needs of Canadian Forces officers. Such degrees include Bachelor of Military Arts and Sciences, Masters in Business Administration, Master of Defense Management and Policy,
  • Apart from officers, their spouses and civilian Department of National Defense employees can also receive outstanding education through the RMC.
  • While most colleges have laxer admission policies, RMC is just as strict as other universities, so as to ensure the quality of their students. Interested parties need to pass an aptitude exam and a medical test, apart from scoring a good grade in the interview.
  • True to its name, RMC is one of the most prestigious institutions in Canada. In 2009, it was hailed as the 2nd best Research University of the Year by Research Infosource. Currently, it is the highest ranking college in Canada, placing 63rd out of the 97 tertiary institutions in the country.

Who will benefit from RMC Education?

  • Aspiring members of the Canadian Forces.
  • Spouses of Canadian Forces Officers.
  • Civilian Employees of the Department of National Defense.
  • Students who have limited financial capacities for college education. Regular Officer Training Programs are free of charge, other options, on the other hand, only have an average of CAD 1000+ for tuition.

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