Top 10 Colleges in Canada – Campion College – Part 5

Top 10 Colleges in Canada – Campion College – Part 5

Campion College is an educational institution amalgamated with the University of Regina in Saskatchewan. This Roman Catholic school was actualized with the help of Reverend E. Matthieu, who became the first archbishop of the Diocese of Regina.

Established in 1917, the institution first took the name “The Catholic College of Regina.” It was then renamed after a

Jesuit saint, Edmund Campion, a year after.

From its humble beginnings of just six students, Campion College has evolved into one of the most respected scholastic institutions in all of Canada.

Students enrolled in this federated college can enroll in a bevy of liberal arts courses, such as Psychology, Political Science, Humanities, History, Media Studies, English and Classics, to name a few.

With its small classes and tight-knit community – and the absence of the usual problems encountered in universities – it comes as no surprise why locals and foreigners prefer to study at Campion College.

Information for International Students

As a federated college of the University of Regina, foreign students who wish to study at Campion need to follow the admission guidelines of the former, which include:

  1. Submission of a duly accomplished University of Regina application form (select Campion as your campus of choice.)
  2. Submission of a Secondary Level Standing – Official Transcript (American students) or equivalent (for students from other countries.)
  3. Documents that prove English Language Proficiency.
  4. Application fee of CAD 100.
  5. Tuition for five standard classes ranges from CAD 8660 to CAD 9155.

Why study at Campion College?

  1. At Campion, you can enjoy the benefits of being in a college and graduate with a University degree. As such, you can enjoy the unique attention and personalized services that only a college can offer such as small-size classes and a homier atmosphere. At the same time, you can utilize the facilities and resources that the University of Regina provides to its students – without the extra fees.
  2. As a Campion student, you have the freedom to enroll in a course offered by the University of Regina.
  3. As a federated college, Campion has its own facilities and resources, such as its own building, library, professors and employees. You don’t have to suffer from endless lines and going from point A to point B just to settle your payments and transactions.
  4. You can get the most of your education since the teacher to student ratio is at an impressive 1:26.
  5. No appointments are needed if you want to convene with an academic advisor.
  6. Campion College offers CAD 70,000 worth of annual entrance scholarships as well as bursaries for enrolled students. To qualify, you need to send in the requirements before March 15.
  7. You get the chance to hone your leadership skills through Campion’s mentorship programs and student governments.
  8. On-campus residences are offered. Choices range from traditional dorms to apartment-style units.
  9. First year students can find refuge in their ‘older’ siblings through several first year services, such as mentorship programs and academic support services.
  10. Even if you are not Catholic, you can receive spiritual guidance and advice through the Campion College ministry.

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