Top 10 Colleges in Canada – Northern Alberta Institute of Technology – Part 4

Top 10 Colleges in Canada – Northern Alberta Institute of Technology – Part 4

To Learn, To Do, To Succeed – this is the motto of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT.) Sure enough, NAIT lives up to this mission of quality education and mentoring, as evidenced by its famous graduates, such as filmmaker Gil Cardinal and Olympic gold medalist Kevin Martin. This is just one of the many reasons why NAIT is considered as one of the best colleges in Canada.

As its name suggests, NAIT is an institution that offers degrees and courses focused on applied sciences, as well as polytechnic sciences. The campus, which has locations in Edmonton and St. Albert, Alberta, is the second home of

8,400 full-time students and 20,500 continuing education pupils who wish to engage themselves in technological and knowledge-based careers.

Launched in 1962, NAIT offers diplomas, certificates, degrees and applied degrees to its enrollees through its seven schools, namely the School of Health Sciences, School of Information Communication and Engineering Technologies, School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts, School of Sustainable Building and Environmental Management, School of Trades, Faculty of Undergraduate Studies, JR Shaw School of Business.

It also offers a Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development through its Department of Continuing Education. This graduate degree is awarded to NAIT students in coordination with Cape Breton University.

Apart from being a school of repute, NAIT is famous for its legacy of creating satisfied students. In fact, surveys show that 95% of NAIT students are happy with the education they have received from the institution.

Information for International Students

NAIT is one of the best places to study for international students who wish to dabble in the technological sciences. Such claim is proven by the fact the school plays host to pupils from over 77 nations worldwide.

If you are interested in studying in NAIT, then here are the requirements you need to submit in order to be admitted in one of Alberta’s most prestigious institutions:

  1. English Language Proficiency Requirements
  2. Accomplished form from the Alberta Post Secondary Application System
  3. CAD 115 processing fee

Once you have received your letter of acceptance, you need to apply for a study permit by visiting the Canadian embassy in your home country. With the many processes involved for international students, they are advised to apply in advance, at least 3-4 months before the cutoff date.

Tuition ranges from course to course, with the cheapest at CAD 2815 and the most expensive at CAD 14750. The general fee average, however, is CAD 6633.

Why study at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology?

  1. Prestige. Not a lot of Technological Institutes are considered the greatest, yet NAIT has managed to be one of the only two in the top 100 list of World University Rankings.
  2. Do you cower in big crowds? You can have the learning experience you are looking for at NAIT, since its average class size is 1 teacher to 21 students.
  3. You can test your researches and studies and determine if they can work in the real world through NAIT’s Applied Research program. You can choose from any of its programs in Entrepreneurship, Nanotechnology, Prototyping, Simulation and Sustainability.
  4. NAIT is known as one of the biggest apprenticeship centers in the country. It has 33 apprenticeship trades that give the college the ability to train as much as 15,000 students every year.
  5. 92% NAIT students are employed 9 months right after graduation, so that means you will not be unemployed for long.
  6. The median salary for NAIT graduates is CAD 45500. This is well within the average rate in the country (CAD 46000)

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