The Best MBA Programs in Canada – Part 3 (University of Alberta MBA Review)

The Best MBA Programs in Canada – Part 3 (University of Alberta MBA Review)

Please note that this article is part of a series titled: The Best MBA Programs in Canada. Here are their respective parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Are you still in the same position you were in several years ago? Despite being an excellent employee and team player, do you feel like your hard work is not being rewarded with a promotion? If you want to climb (or fly) to the

top of the business ladder, or traverse a new career different from what you are involved with now, then you are going to need a flexible post-graduate degree: a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA.)

To get that promotion-slash-career change that you have dreamed of for so long, then make it a point to enroll in the University of Alberta’s esteemed MBA program. Why? You will find such reasons below.

MBA Degree Programs Offered at the University of Alberta:

At the University of Alberta, you don’t have to adjust yourself to a course that you dislike. The university gives you a wide variety of MBA options to choose from:

1) Full-time MBA – This 2-year, 57-course program allows you to pursue diverse business fields, from Marketing to Financing, and Natural Resource Management to International Business. The first year deals with the fundamentals of Economics and Business, while the second year deals with your specialization of choice.

2) Part-time Evening MBA – Do you have a lot on your plate? Family, work, and everything else in between? You can still pursue a post-graduate degree in business with Alberta’s part-time evening MBA program. Classes are held from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, and you are given a leeway of six years.

3) Executive MBA – This intensive MBA program is especially designed for professionals who wish to step up as senior-level managers. This course will help you build critical thinking skills, as well as other vital skills, that can help you transform your company into a world-class institution.

4) Fast-track MBA – If you boast of excellent foundations in the fields of business and management, then this MBA

is the best option for you. This program focuses on advanced management education, thereby hastening the entire education process. True to its name, you can finish this 12-course degree in as short as 10 months.

5) Ft. McMurray MBA – Living in Ft. McMurray? You can still enjoy Alberta’s excellent MBA education with its Ft. McMurray MBA program, held daily at the Kenyano College. This post-graduate degree puts a specific focus on Natural Resources and Energy, and allows students to work full-time while obtaining an Alberta MBA degree.

7 Reasons to do your MBA at the University of Alberta?

There are 36 business schools in Canada, and the University of Alberta is touted as one of the best – if not the best. Here are reasons why you should be studying at this publicly-funded university:

1) Alberta offers different MBA tracks.

You don’t have to study a one-sided MBA degree, because at the University of Alberta, you can specialize in Finance, Public Policy and Management, International Business, Technology Commercialization and Natural Resources, Energy and Environment. It even offers a new course: Arts Management.

2) Alberta educates its students in small-sized classes.

Big classes can be a boon to most learners. With the university’s small-sized classes, students get the most out of lectures and conferences. At the same time, the faculty members can easily determine who needs help and further assistance.

3) Alberta offers project-based courses.

When it comes to business administration, practice is just as important as knowledge. Alberta makes sure you have both with its project-based courses, designed to foster interaction between students and experts. It also provides subsequent entry to competitive business sectors and niches.

4) Alberta can help you decide the specialization you wish to take.

Are you still confused as to what path to take? Alberta can help you decide the best track according to your skills and desires with its career management programs, such as MBTI Professional Coaching, Individualized Coaching and Counseling, and Career Leader Self-Assessment, to name a few.

5) The Alberta School of Business specializes in breakthrough research.

Excellent research is just one of the many things that make the university one of the best business schools in the country. The university is 9th in the world over-all, and 56th in all MBA schools, according to the 2013 rankings of Financial Times London. It leads the pack in Management research, and is placed at number 6 for both Business Finance and Operations Research and Management studies.

6) Alberta offers International Travel and Exchange programs.

Immerse yourself in the education of the world’s best MBA schools by participating in Alberta’s International Travel and Exchange programs. With this double degree MBA course, you can study in France’s esteemed EDHEC school in Nice or Lille. Other nations that host such programs include Turkey, Norway, India and Thailand.

7) Alberta helps sharpen your critical thinking skills with its case competitions.

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills that a business executive should have. The University can help you improve such skill with its intensive case competitions. Apart from helping you sharpen your skills, case competitions enable you to showcase your prowess in national and foreign platforms.

In a Nutshell MBA at University of Alberta:

With University of Alberta’s intensive MBA program, hands-on learning style and connections with Canada’s business communities, it proves to be the best school for individuals who wish to end up at the top echelon of their respective companies.

To summarize, here are the main reasons why you should obtain your MBA degree from the University of Alberta:

1) University of Alberta is one of the best MBA schools in the world.

In the 2013 report by the Financial Times of London, Alberta was ranked as the 100th best MBA school in the world. It even ranked first in Canada when it comes to value for money. At Alberta, you can enjoy world-class MBA education for an affordable price.

2) University of Alberta allows you to connect with the world’s best business executives.

The university can help you actualize your dream of becoming a business executive by connecting you with magnates who have been there, done that. This is made possible with Alberta’s mentorship program that links you with experts who share your interests.

3) University of Alberta boasts of a 90% placement success rate.

Unemployment will not be a problem if you study at Alberta, since its MBA degree keeps you one step ahead of your colleagues. According to a recent survey, 90% of MBA graduates were hired within a 3-month period. This shows the university’s repute and the sheer trust that business owners levies on Alberta MBA grads.

For a corporation to bloom, it needs to have a leader who has got what it takes to take the business to the next level. If you have what it takes to become a business executive, then make sure to hone your skills even further with the help of a MBA degree from the University of Alberta.

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