The Best MBA Programs in Canada – Part 2


The Best MBA Programs in Canada: Queens School of Business

The Best MBA Programs in Canada is an article series that discusses various prestigious MBA programs offered in Canada. Here are their respective parts: Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Queen’s School of Business has a distinctive repute among the business community in Canada and is listed among the world’s leading business schools. With its outstanding faculty, exceptional programs, competent graduates and one of the best MBA Programs in Canada, Queen’s represents the best tier of Canadian education. Executives from all over the world regard this institute as one of the most avant-garde business Schools in North America. It not only offers you academic excellence, but also enables you to have a team-based learning experience. Established in 1841, this business school has a long history of 172 years. The main campus is located at the Queen’s University in Kingston. The institute also offers programs at various locations across Canada, Middle East, the U.S. and North Africa. It enjoys the privilege of being the institute where the very first commerce program of Canada was launched in 1919. Accredit by AACSB International, Queen’s School of business delivers five MBA programs: Full-Time MBA, Executive MBA – Ottawa, Executive MBA – National, Queen’s Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates, and Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA. The school upholds exchange partnership with over ninety business schools in forty countries. More than three-hundred international students are enrolled at Queen’s.



What do Queen Students say about the school?

The following advantages and disadvantages are based on the reviews given by Queen’s School of business students:

  1. Pros:

The team-based teaching approach gives you a risk free opportunity to develop your leadership skills. It is usually difficult to understand each team mate’s personality if you work with different people for each assignment. Queens MBA program eliminates this inconvenience by introducing a system where students are part of a single team throughout the year. The tri color venture fund is another plus point that makes Queens one of the best business Schools in Canada.

  1. Cons

The tri color venture fund is not advertised effectively. The career service centre needs some improvement, since graduates are facing difficulties in finding suitable jobs as quickly as expected. Some students feel that the opportunities regarding consulting projects with real-life businesses are inadequate.

Queen’s School of Business MBA Program


Transformative, integrated and personalized are the three most suitable words to describe Queens MBA program. This 12-month course is incredibly intense and satisfying. The near constant interaction between faculty and students will enable you to learn in a healthy environment. It is in fact an incomparable business education system that develops top leaders, highly professional managers and effective team members.

  1. The Team-based Learning Experience

Unlike other business institutes where a new team is formed for every class, Queen’s students are given an opportunity to be a part of a single team throughout the program. The teams are respectively assigned offices where they study the problem-solving techniques. This innovative approach is by far the most sophisticated method used in an MBA program. It is important to keep up with the present progressive business industry, and Queen’s understands this fact. This is the reason why they offer you a system that makes it easier for you to develop a thorough understanding of techniques and practices that are successful in the business world. The team-based method of business education polishes your leadership qualities and makes you understand the significance of teamwork.

  1. The Exceptional Coaching Culture

The one-on-one coaching culture is the feature that lists Queens among the top MBA schools in Canada. Upon enrollment, you will have the benefit of having a personal coach, a team coach, a lifestyle coach and a career coach. Isn’t it an amazing opportunity to take your education and personality to another level? This is a learning methodology that is unique to this business school.

  1. Learning based on Real Experiences

Students are offered countless opportunities to learn through activities, such as:

  1. Alternative Asset Fund: It is a multi-million dollar hedge fund administered by the students.
  1. The Tricolor Fund: It is a multi-million dollar venture fund administered by the students.
  1. New Venture Project: You are given an incredible chance to create and launch a business plan for a new product, a service, or a company. The plan is presented to an angel-investor panel.
  1. Management Consulting Project: Being a Queen’s School of business student, you create and analyze a complete business plan for an actual business opportunity or issue.
  1. Certificate in Socially Responsible Leadership: You are offered an integrated, experience-based exposure to responsible leadership. –
  1. Global Viewpoint

You acquire a great insight of the international business, global business environment and cross-cultural challenges regarding management.   With more than 40% percent international students, Queens offers its students a chance to learn global business management. The school’s partnership with the Cultural Intelligence Center enables you to have a better perspective of global business challenges.

  1. International Exchange

You are offered an international exchange at any of the 26 international partners (Business Schools). This provides you with an extra-ordinary cross-cultural educational experience in an area of your interest.

  1. Curriculum

Along with the basic fundamentals regarding business and management, you are offered a chance to select an elective during the final year. You are given five choices: Marketing, Consulting and Project Management, Finance, General management, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.



  1. Highly Qualified Faculty

The faculty at Queens is highly competent and qualified. More than 88% faculty members hold a doctorate degree.  

Overall, t he Queens MBA program provides a complete education into an incredibly tight schedule. It incorporates superb career guidance, leadership development, community involvement and academics than expected and is one of the Best MBA Programs in Canada.

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