Best Undergraduate Business Schools in Canada – Part 4

Please note that this is Part 4 of a 5 Part series. Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

If you want to succeed and break grounds in the world of Commerce, you are going to need a school that can help you and mold you into becoming one of the world’s best business visionaries. As such, it is essential that you score

admission into one of the best undergraduate business schools in Canada: the University of British Columbia (UBC.)

As the home of the Sauder School of Business, it is here where you can learn the undertakings of every facet of business – and use it to promote a better, more profitable commercial industry.

About the Sauder School of Business

Opening worlds – This is the motto that the Sauder School of Business believes and lives by.

Recognizing the importance of business education, a degree in Commerce was offered to UBC students in the year 1929. A decade after that, the Department of Commerce was official launched.

By the year 1950, UBC was able to set up its own School of Commerce.

Six years later, UBC Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration was formally established. It was renamed as the Sauder School of Business in 2003 after a generous endowment of its late alumnus, Dr. William Sauder.

In 2006, the post-graduate education was stratified under the Robert H. Lee Graduate School, named after the philanthropic graduate who offered financial assistance to the department.

Courses Offered

The Sauder School of Business offers an undergraduate degree in Commerce, which is designed to equip the student with the business and management skills he needs to have in order to thrive and prosper in every kind of environment.

Once enrolled, students can pursue any of the ten fields of specialization:

  • Accounting
  • Business Technology Management
  • Commerce and Economics
  • Finance
  • General Business Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation and Logistics

Apart from a comprehensive Commerce degree, the Sauder School of Business also offers a combined major in

Business and Computer Science, wherein one can familiarize himself with IT solutions, and how they can foster business growth and development.

Students can also pursue a Dual Commerce and Arts Degree program, with the former offered by the Sauder School of Business and the latter catered by the L’Institut d’études politiques de Paris.

Why Study at the Sauder School of Business?

As one of the top business schools in Canada – and the world – there is no reason why you should not set your sights on the UBC Sauder School of Business. Apart from its exceptional reputation, here are other reasons why UBC should be at the top of your list:

1) UBC allows you to pursue the career you have been dreaming of.

Your Sauder School of Business degree in Commerce can take you where you want to go – literally. You can choose from any of the ten specializations (as mentioned above.) Not only that, you also have the opportunity to pursue a double degree.

2) You can learn business from the some of the best professors in the world.

Business is more than just theory; it is about practice as well. You can learn these – and more – with the help of Sauder’s world-famous instructors. Currently, the school employs more than 100 academicians coming from over 20 countries. As experts in education and research, they can help you fulfill your dreams of becoming a business mover and shaker.

3) UBC boasts of the world’s strongest research programs.

Sauder is one of the best business research schools in the world. Because of its innovativeness and forward thinking, the school receives an annual grant amount of $1.3 million. With this support, UBC has been able to publish numerous books and researchers.

Apart from that, the school has managed to open several research institutes, including the Business Families Centre, Centre for International Business Studies, Philips, Hager & North Centre for Financial Research and the Phelps Centre for the Study of Government and Business, to name a few.

4) At Sauder, you can learn and earn all at the same time.

College tuition can easily burn through your wallet, but you can still make a decent living while enrolled at the Sauder School of the Business. That’s because UBC offers a co-op program where you can practice your skills and knowledge for a full year – and be paid for it.

5) UBC can help you land the profitable job you have always wanted.

The school’s assistance does not necessarily stop once its students have graduated. In fact, its Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre can help you land that dream job after graduation. Students get to enjoy services such as career coaching, networking, interviewing, even resume writing. Alumni, on the other hand, can gain that much-needed career break with the Business Career Centre’s events, webinars, job postings, career coaching and professional development services.

6) With UBC, you can connect and network with business professionals from different parts of the globe.

Do you want to engage in international business opportunities? UBC can help you achieve your dreams with its International Exchange Program. Get the chance to immerse your senses in any of the 150 partner universities from over 40 countries.

7) UBC provides all the references and research materials you can ever need.

Whether it is for research or presentations, you can get your hands on the newest and latest publications and researches at the David Lam Management Research Library. From Business Career to Entrepreneurship and International Business, the library can cater to all your educational needs.

8) At UBC, you can make new friends and establish lasting connections.

As a Sauder student, you get the chance to connect with fellow learners through the Commerce Undergraduate Society. As an automatic member of this association, you get the chance to attend annual conferences, participate in mentorship programs and attend any of the 18 special interest business groups.

What Students Have to Say About Sauder

With Sauder’s reputation and stellar curriculum, it comes as no surprise why its students have nothing but praises for the school. Such is John Sanden, a student pursuing Finance:

“The invaluable friendships and professional connections you make while attending will set you up for success – both in your personal life and your career.”

With that being said, Sauder is more than just a school that can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a world-class businessman. It is also an institution that can help you become a better person – capable of facing the challenges that lie ahead.

Final Words

If you want to succeed as a businessman – both in your personal and private pursuits – then the Sauder School of Business, without a doubt, is the institution for you.

Geared with a world-class curriculum, exceptional professors, modern facilities and breakthrough researches, there is nothing more you could ask for in this school. Become the great, revolutionary businessman you ought to be by enrolling at UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

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