Best Marketing Schools in Canada – Part 1

Best Marketing Schools in Canada – York University

Marketing – the integral process of promoting products or services to customers – is a vital part of any industry. Not only does it help gain clients, it establishes brand recognition as well.

Yes, this is just the tip of the marketing iceberg.

If you have the business charisma, as well as the gift of gab, then marketing is the perfect career for you. However,

you need to remember that like most disciplines, marketing involves a great deal of proficiency and acumen – just some of the many things you need in order to succeed.

If you have got what it takes – and if you are more than willing to learn the tricks of the trade – then what you need to do is set your sights on one of Canada’s best marketing schools: York University.

About York University

Located in the heart of Toronto, Canada is York University, the country’s third largest educational institution. Founded in 1959, this public research university boasts of 11 faculties, 28 research centers, and about 55,000 graduate and undergraduate students.

As of current, its business school is ranked as one of the best in the country – and in the world. The university was included in the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report, putting it at par with other respected marketing institutions, such as Harvard University and the London Business School. York U was one of the seven Canadian universities that were included in the comprehensive survey.

What York University Has to Offer

York University has all kinds of degrees and certifications for Canadians – as well as international students who wish to pursue a career in marketing.

Undergraduates can dabble in the marketing-oriented degree that is the Bachelor of Administrative Studies (BAS), which is offered by the School of Administrative Studies. This degree grants students with the skill and know-how in

order to become effective marketing professionals. If finances or time keep you out of undergraduate school, you can still become the marketer you ought to be with York University’s professional certification in marketing. With this diploma, you can improve and augment your knowledge and skills in order to prevail in the competitive arena that is marketing.

On a graduate level, individuals who wish to advance their marketing knowledge and proficiency can enroll at the highly-competitive Schulich School of Business. One of its core study areas is marketing, which focuses on research and the correlation between theory and empirical analysis.

Why Study at York University?

As one of Canada’s top marketing schools, York’s stellar reputation (8th according to Maclean National Rankings and 17th in Canada according to international surveys) is one of the foremost reasons why you should gain admittance to this university. Apart from this, there are many other benefits to getting a York U marketing education, and they are the following:

1) Dynamic courses

At York University, you can hone your theoretical knowledge of marketing with its dynamic and modern courses that can help you prepare for the life that lies ahead. The curriculum includes comprehensive lessons on Introductory Marketing, Product Management, Brand Management, International Marketing, Gender Issues in Management and Ethical Issues in Mass Media, to name a few.

2) The perfect marriage of theoretical and practical applications

Unlike other disciplines, marketing is a mix of both knowledge and skill. At York U, you can learn the best of both worlds, so you can efficiently deal with the different areas of the marketing process, such as attending to customer needs, marketing services and products, marketing ethics, and promoting and pricing.

3) Varied approaches to marketing education

A lectures-only approach to marketing is a cumbersome one, and York U makes it interesting and effective all at the same time with its multiple methods of instruction. Apart from the traditional lecture, York’s distinguished faculty members educate their students through case studies and group discussions as well.

4) Four marketing specializations

Marketing is a diverse discipline, and you can specialize in any of the four fields at York University. Here, you can focus on the following subspecialties: General Marketing, Brand Management, Marketing Research and Retail and Channeling Management. To help you achieve your dreams, York professors can advise you with the appropriate courses to take, depending on what field you want to specialize in.

With a York BAS degree under your belt, you can become a Business Consultant, Marketing Manager, Account Executive or Corporate Events Director, among many other careers.

5) General Management and Business Courses

Marketers need to be well-rounded individuals, and York University knows the value of that. In order to create flexible and adaptable professionals, its marketing degree comes with general management and business application courses to boot. With this in the bag, York is able to produce marketers who are proficient in both marketing and general business management and administration.

6) Dedicated instructors

Helping York University students actualize their dreams of becoming topnotch marketers is the department’s seven full-time faculty members. Truly dedicated in marketing education, practice and research, these instructors have attained their education and expertise from five different countries.

Helping the full-time instructors in the workload are about a dozen contractual faculty members. With their combined power and expertise, they teach more than 20 marketing courses – just some of the things that make York University one of the most reputable institutions when it comes to marketing education.

7) The opportunity to acquaint yourself with marketing leaders and visionaries

While York University can give you the best education and skills for marketing, making your mark in the field is perhaps the biggest challenge you will come across with after graduation. York can help you ease into the transition with the university’s American Marketing Association chapter, a global organization with about 45,000 affiliates spread over 200 nations. By joining the world’s largest marketing association, you can have a head start in the industry – even if you are just a neophyte.

What Students Have to Say

From students to alumni, York-bred marketers hold nothing but praise to their distinguished school. Not only did the university give them the knowledge and skills for effective marketing, the curriculum and related activities helped them excel in the local and global platforms as well.

As alumnus Raj Balasubramanian puts it, York University’s program is highly recommended to anyone who is “looking to broaden their knowledge of current business practices and get noticed in the global marketplace.”

In a Nutshell

Are you innovative and creative, and in search of a fast-paced working environment? Then marketing is the perfect degree for you.

Of course, it is not enough that you study in just any other school. If you want to be a step ahead of your contemporaries, then you need to seek the best marketing education in Canada – something that York University can provide. With its dynamic courses, varied marketing education approaches, four specializations and dedicated instructors, you can have all that it takes to take the marketing world by storm.

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