Best Music Colleges in Canada – Part 1

Best Music Colleges in Canada Part 2 – Humber College

When it comes to a career in music, it is not enough just to be talented. You need to be equipped with exemplary musical knowledge, as well as the perfect set of skills, in order to succeed in your field of endeavor.

Of course, the only way you can acquire these is if you study in one of the best music schools in Canada: Humber College.

Although it is a smaller community compared to major Canadian universities, it is undoubtedly one of the most

respected music schools in North America. With its illustrious history and long list of fine alumni, Humber College proves to be one of the best choices for individuals who wish to make names in the field of music.

The Famous Music Degree of Humber College

Humber College, which was instituted in 1967, is a polytechnic institution based in Ontario, Canada. It offers 150 degrees spanning through 40 disciplines of study. It is one of only five Ontario-based colleges that have been given the acclaim “Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.”

One of its academic schools is the School of Creative and Performing Arts, which offers one of the college’s flagship programs: Music. The school offers a bachelor’s degree that highlights musical performance, composition, songwriting and production. At the same time, it incorporates the latest technologies and the entrepreneurial facets attributed to music. With these aspects, it can be said that Humber’s Music education is truly one of a kind.

Whatever your specialization might be, you can learn it at Humber College. Here, you can major in the following fields of musical study:

  • Bass
  • Cello
  • Drums/ Percussion
  • French Horn
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Saxophone/ Woodwind
  • Trombone
  • Trumpet
  • Tuba
  • Violin
  • Voice

Why is the HumberCollege one of the Best Music Schools in Canada?

Humber College’s Music School is considered one of the best in Canada – even the entire world – because of the following features:

Two years of core music courses.

A good educational foundation is vital in the success of aspiring musicians. With Humber College’s two years of core

music courses, students are given the vital knowledge that can help them succeed as a performer, composer, producer, arranger or songwriter.

Wide array of elective courses.

At Humber College, you can become the musician you wish to be with its elective courses in song writing, recording and production, composition, arranging, film scoring and advanced improvisation. At the same time, you can take these electives alongside units in creative development and music business. These courses, in fact, make Humber’s Music education one the most innovative degrees in the world.

Additional music courses.

More than its core and elective courses, Humber College offers additional units that can help their students emerge as the leaders of their own respective fields. Such courses include pedagogy, music history, aural training, theory, aural training, ensembles, improvisation, music business and music business. With these units, Humber students can engage in academic careers as well.

Specialization in Jazz.

If you are leaning towards a career in Jazz, then Humber College is truly the best school for you. It specializes in Jazz performance, which gives you a theoretical and practical edge amongst other Jazz wannabes. Included in its long list of famous jazz musicians are Eli Bennett and Jonathan Challoner, who have been taught by influential professors, including Colleen Allen, Andy Ballantyne, William Carn, to name a few.

Exceptional educators.

Humber College remains to be one of the best music schools in Canada because of its excellent line of professors. The faculty line-up includes some of the most respected names in the music industry, including jazz great Denny Christianson, singer Christine Duncan, saxophonist Alex Dean, to name a few. With their knowledge, skill and experience as practitioners and educators, you can surely get the best music education in all of Canada.

Real-life experiences and applications.

Music is an art – and Humber College encourages its students to develop their skills through the following activities: recitals, original arranging and composing, as well as recording and marketing. With these applications, you will have what it takes to emerge and succeed in the world of music.

Work placement components.

Humber College does not only help their students actualize their talents, the school also aids them in finding employment after graduation. Such component is work placement, wherein students establish connections and relationships with the key players of the business. Done during their senior year in high school, this portfolio includes a professional-quality recording, press kit and promotional materials – all of which can help the student break through the competitive world of music.

State of the art facilities.

Music is as ever-evolving as the technologies that improve the craft. At Humber College, students can familiarize themselves with the newest musical innovations through the school’s state of the art facilities, such as:

Humber Recording Studios, which feature a Yamaha C7 Piano, SSL Duality Console, and high-end microphones (DPA, Neumann and Sennheiser.)

Music Auditorium, a 480-seater stadium which features quality lighting, sounding and recording facilities.

Scholarships and bursaries.

Even if you are financially incapable, you can still make your musician dreams come true with Humber College’s scholarships and bursaries. Deserving students can apply for scholarships (up to CAD 4000 worth) or take hold of entrance scholarships, which are based on volunteer work and academic performance.  Cash-strapped learners, on the other hand, can continue their studies with the help of Humber’s tuition bursaries.

On-campus jobs.

If you are struggling to make ends meet, you do not have to forego your Humber College education. After all, the school offers on-campus jobs which enable you to “earn while you learn.” Apart from its competitive wages, on-campus jobs do not have to get in the way, as they come with flexible schedules.  

Brief Feedback from Students

What makes Humber College one of the best music schools in Canada? The fact that it produces some of the most respected names in the industry. All the students who have entered the school with much aspiration and promise have ended up as the pillars and cornerstones of the music industry.

True to its reputation, nothing comes close to the educational experience that Humber College offers. As Jazz musician and alum Eli Bennett puts it: “Studying at Humber College was the single greatest musical experience that I have participated up to date.”


If you have the talent and the motivation to become one of the world’s greatest musicians, then you need to study at one of the best music schools in Canada: Humber College. With its revolutionary curriculum, dedicated educators and state of the art facilities, it can help you realize your dreams of becoming a singer, producer, composer, arranger or instrumentalist.

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