Top 5 Business Schools in Canada – Part 3 University of Toronto Rotman’s School of Management

Please note that this is Part 3 of a 5 Part series. Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

University of Toronto’s Rotman’s school of management was established in 1827 and hosts approximately 68,000 students, and 10,000 staff.

University of Toronto also attracts more research grants than any other Canadian university. Moreover 8 Nobel prizes have been linked to U of T’s faculty or alumni. U of T also boasts the highest number of Rhodes scholars over the last 30 years. A fine accomplishment.

However what makes Rotman’s one of the top 5 Canadian Business schools in Canada?

What makes Rotman’s stand out – is the way they teach and educate their students. Traditional business schools divide business courses into functions for example: accounting, marketing, finance.  However, problems that arise in real corporate environments are not segmented into a marketing problem, or a finance problem. Rather they are problems that require input from the various disciplines that make up a business program. Rotman’s understands this need to solve problems by developing the world’s first integrative management curriculum.

Integrative Thinking is about eliminating the need to choose one business, or financial model over another.

All models that help business leaders solve problems today have its limitations; therefore choosing one model over the expense of another may in fact make the existing problem worse. Rotman’s understands this notion and teaches students to think creatively by creating new models that combine the benefits of various models.

Rotman’s will teach you to think creatively and provide you with the technical knowhow to build your own models based on the business problem you face. This is why Rotman students stand out in the business world, they solve problems by utilizing innovative and integrative thinking rather than stand aside and wait to see if the problem fixes itself.

Location Location Location

The University of Toronto’s Rotman’s school of management is located in Toronto; this is where almost 95% of multinational corporations have at least some kind of presence. The location is excellent because it enables the school to entice business leaders to teach, give lectures and provide interesting insights about the corporate world. Of course, this creates opportunities for Rotman students to network with high level executives on a very close level, perhaps leading to future job opportunities.

Don’t underestimate the value of location, it is often times the reason why some schools are considered great. Location has a lot to do with it; Wifrid Laurier has a fantastic location because Research in Motion and several high profile tech companies operate there. This allows them easy access to these companies for professors, jobs for their students and funding. Toronto is as good as it gets, considering a business student is more likely to find a job in Toronto than anywhere else.


Interesting Facts about Applicants:

Applications (admitted and denied) to the newest class: 1,119

Applicants who were accepted to the most recent class: 44 %

Admitted applicants who enrolled in the newest class: 54 %

Applicants who were re-applicants from prior years: 13 %

Percentage of this year’s reapplicants accepted: 19 %

Applicants wait-listed during the last admissions cycle: 117

Wait-listed applicants admitted for the semester to which they applied: 26

Applicant interviews are: By invitation only

Applicants (admitted and denied) who were interviewed: 73 %

Admitted applicants who were interviewed: 100 %

What is University of Toronto’s Rotman’s School of Management excel in?

Every school has its strengths and weaknesses, no school is perfect which is why articles like this exist. Rotman’s does three things very well; they are Finance, Consulting and attracting a killer line up of professors.

U of T Rotman’s is ranked among the top 10 in the area of finance, which is why many finance oriented organizations hire sometimes almost exclusively from Rotman’s. Moreover, they have an amazing line up of professors that teach their courses. For example, the first year Finance professor is the current Chairman of the Toronto Stock Exchange, moreover first year Economics is taught by the Deputy Minister of Finance. Of course, professors change but this shows you the quality of the education you will receive from this school.

Overall, the University of Toronto’s Rotman’s School of Management offers sound business programs that will allow their students to excel. Moreover, its lineup of stellar professors, location and innovative approach to teaching definitely puts this school in the Top 5.

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