First Week of University – Must do things to make the most of your First Week of University.

First Week of University Point 1: Talk to her, him, him, her, her and even IT – TALK TO EVERYONE.

It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with other students who are in the same boat as you. These bright individuals that you will come in contact with during the first week will be the ones that will make your university experience a memorable one. Moreover, you need some friends to go out with for the

crazy events fresher’s week has to offer. So don’t be shy – just say HI!

First Week of University Point 2: Take a tour of the campus

During your first week of university, you will have several opportunities to go off on your own to explore the campus, make sure you do this with the great new people you have just met. Note the locations of places that you will most likely want to visit in the future (ex: pubs, shops, ATM’s, Class rooms etc).

First Week of University Point 3: Don’t join every student club, just because it sounds interesting.

You will have plenty of opportunities to put your name and email down on more than 300 clubs a typical university offers – don’t do it. You will end up getting over whelmed and not participate in any of the clubs. Try this instead – Join only the clubs that you feel you can play an active role in and are passionate about. Sure, the Hot Air Balloon Ride club sounds cool but is that your passion? If you like finance than join the Finance club, if you like acting than join the Drama club. These clubs will enable you to meet like minded individuals like yourself and give you the opportunity to have fun in a setting that you are comfortable in.

First Week of University Point 4: Be open to new possibilities

University is about exploring new possibilities in a safe and fun environment. It all begins with the first week, if you have an open mentality to new things – you will learn a lot about yourself. However, if you become open minded in the 3rd week or even the 2nd week – it’s too late. This is because the friends that you will meet in the first week of university will be your support and guidance system for many years to come. If you do not have an open attitude you may miss the opportunity to meet these friends. So, be open to new possibilities and discover yourself.

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