The Best and Worst Party Universities in Canada


#1 – McGill University – Montreal, Quebec  

McGill is located in the second largest city in Canada (After Toronto) and has the presence of an elite

European City. Montreal’s open attitude towards sex, art, café’s and everything fun gives McGill a true culture of a polite “Party University”. In 2006 McGill was recognized at one of the Top 10 Party Universities in Canad

a by Playboy Magazine. It is no surprise that has named McGill the #1 Party University in Canada. However, don’t let this image distract you from what it has achieved in the Academic Realm. McGill has some outstanding students and has produced 131 Rhodes Scholars – more than any other Canadian University. Its total student enrollment surpasses 35000 and although it is located in Quebec more than 50% of the student’s first language is English (Image on Left). Moreover, it has made it to the top of distinguished lists like The Time Supplement and Maclean’s and is known for its Medical and Doctoral programs. decided to look deeper into the process that Playboy took to determine that McGill was indeed the best party university in Canada. Turns out, Playboy Magazine sent a group some of its youthful and fun Interns to various post-secondary intuitions in Canada. McGill won because of its location, 3-2 male-female ratio, party environment, and distance to a large growing city. So now you are probably thinking – How do I get into McGill?

#2 – Dalhousie University – Halifax, Nova Scotia

This fine establishment is located in good old Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you didn’t already know Halifax has the most bars per capita than

any other city in Canada. With a majority of clubs, bars and restaurants serving alcohol, Dalhousie students have a lot to look forward to during the weekends. It was founded way back in 1818 and is one of Canada’s oldest universities. What comes with an old university is its culture, tradition and partying is no exception. Its frosh and reading weeks are nothing less than extraordinary – welcoming new students to the culture and environment of Dalhousie. Its academic achievements show that this university likes to party hard and work just as hard. Dalhousie is a member of the G13, making it part of a group of leading research universities in Canada.

Other Achievements:
–    One of the best places to conduct postdoctoral research and work outside the United States – The Scientist.
–    Macleans Magazine (2009) – 7th best University in Canada.
–    Total Student population: 16000 with 45% – male and 55% – Female.
–    Produced 86 Rhodes Scholars which is more than any other university in Atlantic Canada.

#3 – Western Ontario – London, Ontario

Western is located in London, Ontario, for most it’s far away from the parents, curfews and rules. This creates an environment of freedom and experimentation of things new, hip and cool. This can include fashion, food, music, sex and culture. We believe that Western’s reputation of a party university derived when pictures of Western girls stripping were found on the internet. Criticized and welcomed by many, it solidified this schools spot in the top 5.

The Worst Party School in Canada:

York University – Toronto, Ontario

York University boasts an impressive 50,000 students. It has an impressive campus and a dynamic culture. However, on a Party scale between 1 to 10 it ranks a sore 1, the reason for this score is that York does not recognize fraternities and although every college has a pub – it does not have the flair and aura of a University that goes W.I.L.D. This is comparatively speaking to the Best Party Universities listed above. surveyed 100 York students and 66% replied that if they wanted to party they would usually hang out with their peers in another Canadian University (most likely University of Toronto downtown). Moreover, 30% indicated that they or 2-3 of their party friends lived away from school, thus it takes a lot more effort to go out and have fun. For a school that does not party too hard, it knows how to achieve success academically. Its Schulich Business school ranks top in the world and its MBA programs are recognized for its excellence. Furthermore, Osgoode Hall is Canada’s #1 ranking law school and 91% of York’s faculty have achieved high educational qualification in their field. 

This is just one persepective however, here is another:


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