Party Universities In Canada Part 2


Party Universities in Canada Part 2

Party Universities in Canada – York University Party

NOTE: Party University In Canada Article Part 1, Part 2. <<– Click the link for their respected parts.

 York University is located in Toronto, Ontario and is Canada’s third largest university. This is a big university so we were unsure if a big fragmented university like York can become a party university in Canada. In this article will present to you if York University Can Party.

How big is York University exactly? Well with 51000 fine looking students boasting ten faculties that teach everything from creating nuclear fusion tubes to what kind of grapes Hercules ate for breakfast, York is definitely a hub of knowledge.

So if you are looking for a good education York is a good place to be, but university is about exploring yourself and more importantly partying!

York University Bars:

First lets analyze the number of bars are near York, There are approximately 7-9 bars near York University which is a healthy number


Our favourite place to grab a cold drink and a fun vibe was Half Way House Inn Historic Brewery Restaurant & Pub. It is located in the Historic Black Creek Pioneer village or “E” in the above picture.

York University Night Clubs:

If you want to fist pump and shake your booty then there are a number of choices you have. Take a look:


Luxy’s Night Club:

Luxy’s is a place that provides a fantastic party experience. Whether you want to dance, drink, or stand on the side gazing at the crowd, Luxy is a place where magic happens. Free parking is an added bonus and allows you to get in and out in a jiffy. Pictures are worth a thousand words so here is what the vibe is like at Luxy’s:



Overall, York University lives up to its hype of a fun school with a great attitude. Don’t let its big size scare you, it is a warm place that invites anyone that likes to party!

NOTE: Party University In Canada Article Part 1, Part 2. <<– Click the link for their respected parts.

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  1. [u][b]York University Party[/b][/u]

    I spent 4 years at york and it has been one of the best times of my life. The best thing to do is make sure you make friends as soon as possible! you can’t party if you have no one to go with.

    Ofcourse school is important too. I think york university provides a good balance of both.


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