The Best Organizational Psychology Programs in Canada – Part 1


The Best Organizational Psychology Programs in Canada – Part 1

Psychology is a very interesting field. However, it is not for everyone – you must have an acute ability to understand people on a very fundamental level. Not only that, you must be aware of what an individual is saying without him or her saying it. It can be a very fascinating field that takes a lifetime to master. In this

article will present to your the Best Organizational Psychology Programs in Canada. This is in no particular order, all of the following programs are fantastic programs that offers their students a world class education.

University of Waterloo – Master of Applied Science (MASc) – Industrial/ Organizational Psychology Program:

This is a 2 year program where studious students are prepared for careers related to the

  • Management of human resources (HRM)
  • Consulting on an organizational level
  • Researching policy or organizations
  • System designs for human resource selection
  • Job Classification
  • Performance Evaluation

The MASc program is well known for thoroughly preparing students for PHD and doctoral studies. You will be exposed to quantitative skills training in application measurement, research design and stats. More importantly there is a focus on applied skills such as training and consulting. Industrial organizational is also a focus where professors provide the ins and out to personnel selection, leadership, organizational cultural management.


What we like about this program is that this MASc requires a major research paper and you must complete an internship or co-op placement which is sure to provide you with the practical experience you need to succeed in the real world. Here are 5 benefits of a co-op program. The internship is 4 months long and students are placed within Crown corporations, private organizations, government agencies and consulting firms.

According to UW:

“Students are required to complete a minimum of 8 one-term (0.5 unit) courses including the master’s research paper (which counts as 1.0 unit), four of which must be taken for letter grades, plus a four-month MASc internship. [Note: These are minimum requirements only. Students may be required to take more courses in order to meet the prerequisites for some courses. Completion of the degree is expected to take approximately six terms.]

The minimum requirements are listed below:

Two I/O content courses as available, usually Personnel Psychology (Psych 881A or equivalent) and Organizational Psychology (Psych 884: Topic 3)Two Research Methods/Statistics courses, usuallyResearch Methods (Psych 887 or Psych 870, as available)Multiple Regression (Psych 632)Two Applied Skills courses, usually Organizational Development (Psych 883) andPsychology of Training (Psych 886).

Overall, the MASc Industral and organization psychology program and the University of Waterloo is an exceptional program that provides a student with practical experience and theoretical professionalism. The practical experience develops from the co-op and internship experience that places students for four months at a time at Crown Corporations, Government Agencies, Private Organizations and Consulting firms.

This is the perfect opportunity for a student in the Industrial and Organization Psychology Program to earn income and develop key relationships that will allow them to secure full time employment in the future. The University of Waterloo has exceptional professors and its facilities are world class, moreover residing in Waterloo – the tech capital of Canada is an added bonus that exposes students to further opportunities to network, and build strong relationships that can help them in the future.


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