Best Psychology Programs in Canada Part 3 – University of British Columbia

Best Psychology Programs in Canada Part 3 – University of British Columbia

Please note that this is an article series titled: The Best Psychology Programs in Canada. Here are their individual parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Do you find the works of the mind and human behavior interesting? Then a career in Psychology is up your alley. This fascinating branch of science features a diverse concentration with about 56 distinctions. With so much to offer, choosing which top psychology school in canada you want to go to can be daunting task.

A great thing about being a Psychologist is that you have a wealth of options for specialization. You can conduct groundbreaking research and change the face of the world as we know it, or help patients with mental problems that were previously diagnosed as ‘incurable.’

If you are gearing up for an exciting career in Psychology, then the first thing you need is world-class education.

That is where the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Department of Psychology comes into the picture.

About the UBC Department of Psychology

Initially offered in 1915 as a single course, the popularity of Psychology in UBC grew massively in the next years. With more courses offered and more professors to teach the degree, the Department was formally opened in the year 1958.

To meet the growing demands of Psychology students, the department moved to Dr. Douglas T. Kenny building in 1984. The building is named after the University’s esteemed department head, who later on became the president of the institution.

7 Reasons Why UBC One of The Best Psychology Schools in Canada? 

If you are aspiring to be a Psychologist, then it is imperative for you to enroll at the best school in Canada – and that is UBC. Here are some reasons why the university is the foremost institution for aspiring Psychologists:

1 – UBC is hailed as one of the best universities in Canada (and the world) when it comes to Psychology.

In the 2013 survey of QS World University Rankings, UBC landed on the 24th spot with a score of 79%, making it the third-best university in Canada. Truly a strong, research-based institution, UBC’s Psychology program was

awarded an impressive rate of 94.20% for citations per paper.

2 – UBC offers both BA and BSc degrees.

Whatever type of Psychologist you wish to be, UBC can help you out with your aspirations. If you are interested in the social aspect of Psychology, then it’s best for you to pursue the BA track that the university offers. However, if you want to become a clinical psychologist, researcher or medical specialist, then your best option is UBC’s intensive BSc degree.

3 – UBC offers a revolutionary Cognitive Science program.

Cognitive Science is an innovative field that focuses on cognitive neuroscience, human perception, philosophy of the mind and artificial intelligence. If this is your cup of tea, UBC can help you become one of the best cognition specialists through its one-of-a-kind Cognitive Science degree. This course, which combines Psychology with Linguistics, Philosophy and Computer Science, is offered in BA and BSc tracks.

4 – UBC’s Department of Psychology is staffed by reputable faculty members.

As of present, the department employs 47 full-time professors who are engaged in the eight sub-specializations of Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Science, Behavioral Neuroscience, Health Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychometrics, Learning Enhancement and Social/Personality Psychology. With their rich backgrounds, immersion in research and years of practice, they are the best professors in Canada who can teach you the foundations of Psychology.

5 – UBC’s Department of Psychology regularly contributes to other institutions and facilities for the betterment of the society.

Recognizing the impact of Psychology on all facets of life, department members regularly contribute their expertise and specializations to several facilities in the university, such as the UBC Institute of Mental Health and the Brain Research Center. Some professors even share their knowledge to help patients in the Vancouver General Hospital.

6 – You can apply your knowledge while in school with the help of UBC’s Co-op program.

UBC is one of the few universities that offer a co-op program, where students can work in field settings. Through this program, a student can apply his knowledge and skills to real-life situations. Apart from its scholastic benefits, your experience with UBC’s Co-op program can help you get into better jobs when you graduate.

7 – You can receive advanced training by enrolling in UBC’s Honours program.

If you dream to become a doctor of Psychology, then your best option is UBC’s Honours program. This track includes advanced research-related courses that will give you an advantage, especially if you plan on pursuing graduate studies. Admission to this program is very competitive though, you need to gain a 76% average during your sophomore year and an 80% average during your junior year.

The Best Things About UBC Education

Its stellar reputation, impressive faculty members and high-tech facilities are just some of the many things that make UBC one of the best institutions for Psychology education. As if these are not enough, here are some other factors that will make you want to study at UBC:

1 – Get to put your knowledge and skills to the test with UBC’s Quinn Exchange Fellowship program.

This curriculum, made possible by alumnus Dr. Michael J. Quinn, helps Psychology students acquire new knowledge and skills by exchanging with fellow students from the world’s top universities and research facilities.

You can even study in the United States with funding from the Canada-US Fulbright Program – Killam Fellowship. Through this program, you can hone your skills in any American university with a bursary of $10,000 per year.

2 – Be able to conduct research with financial help from different funding bodies.

Do you want to be a researcher someday? As a student, you already need to immerse yourself with the ins and outs of researching. Expose yourself to the challenging world of research by applying for the UBC’s research assistantship programs, such as the Summer Undergraduate NSERC Award or the Quinn Research Assistantship. Through these platforms, you can provide assistance to top researchers and familiarize yourself with this groundbreaking activity.

3 – Present your studies in major research conferences with the help of the Quinn Research Travel Grant.

Make your prowess known – even if you are still a student – with UBC’s Quinn Research Travel Grant. With such funding, you get the chance to present your case and findings in front of Psychology’s brightest minds. Make your mark in the discipline by getting the opportunity to discuss your research in the conferences of the Canadian Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science, among many others.

4 – UBC offers numerous scholarship programs.

Financial problems should not hamper your dreams of being a psychologist. At UBC, you can pursue world-class education without incurring student debts with the help of the university’s numerous scholarship programs.

For a thriving career in Psychology, you need to equip yourself with the fundamental knowledge and skills that will help you prevail in the real world. With the help of UBC education, you can surely achieve your dreams of becoming a well-respected Psychology professional.

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