Top 5 Engineering Schools in Canada – Part 3

Top 5 Engineering Schools in Canada – Part 3 – University of British Columbia Faculty of Engineering

The Best Engineering Schools in Canada is an article series that discusses various prestigious Engineering programs offered in Canada. Here are their respective parts: Part 1Part 2, Part 3.

When you were growing up, were you able to create magnificent structures out of your Legos? Did your house of cards remain intact even if your brother kept banging on your table, time and time again?

If you have the natural ability to plan, build and create structures – even if they are made from unconventional materials – you can adapt these skills and use them in the real world by being an Engineer.

Are you ready to put your math and science know-how, as well as your ingenuity, and make the world a better place

with it? Before that, you need excellent education first – something that the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) School of Engineering can give you.

About UBC’s Faculty of Engineering

UBC is among the world’s best engineering schools. It recently landed on the 51-100 bracket of the QS World Rankings in 2013, alongside McGill University and the University of Waterloo.

The school, which is under the Faculty of Applied Sciences, is offered in two of UBC’s campuses – in Vancouver and in Okanagan.

Why Choose UBC Faculty of Engineering

Choosing an Engineering school in Canada is a difficult one, especially if you gain admission to each and every one of them. Even if you have several acceptance letters on your table, these factors should make you lean towards the UBC School of Engineering:

UBC is one of the top 50 universities in the world – consistently.

Studying at UBC means that you are one of the world’s finest. That’s because you have managed to infiltrate one of

the world’s best educational institutions. As one globe’s topnotch schools, you can surely become a topnotch engineer with UBC education!

UBC Faculty of Engineering only admits the cream of the crop.

Yearly, thousands of applicants hope to be accepted by UBC, but only an elite few get into the school. If you have been accepted by UBC, then you should choose the university. Why? That acceptance letter means you are the cream of the crop – one of the few people who are privileged enough to receive UBC education.

You can choose from two campuses.

Do you want to study in a big vibrant city? Or do you prefer a quaint and quiet city? No matter what your choice might be, you can have it all with UBC. You can opt to study at the Vancouver campus where 11 undergraduate degrees are offered, or you can relocate to the Okanagan campus, where three Engineering courses are available.

UBC offers programs that can help enhance your university education.

When it comes to Engineering, it is not enough that you memorize the book from cover to cover. You need to apply your knowledge and learn from trial and error. UBC gives you this opportunity with its educational enhancement programs, such as the Engineering Co-op, the Engineers without Borders program, the Emerging Leaders Program and E-team peer leadership program, among many others.

UBC gives you the chance to transform your plans into profitable projects.

The School of Engineering works with the School of Commerce to transform blueprint projects into sustainable realities. Examples of successful ventures include EnergyAware, an in-home monitoring device that was heralded as the “Most Promising Start-up” by the British Columbia Technology Industry Association.

What sets UBC Engineering Apart

Many Canadian universities claim to be the best when it comes to Engineering. However, when you strip these program down to the roots, you will see that UBC is indeed the best school in Canada because of these factors:

UBC Engineering students are taught by the finest faculty members that Canada (scratch that, the world) has to offer.

UBC ensures that its tradition of excellent education is passed down without fail by hiring the finest faculty members in the numerous fields of Engineering. With several specialists from different departments, UBC continues to produce the best of Canada’s future engineers.

UBC provides the best learning and research facilities in Canada.

In Engineering, you need to tinker with technology in order to perfect your design. At UBC, you can get your hands on the newest technologies at the University’s cutting-edge facilities and laboratories, such as the Engineering Design Center.

UBC helps improve the world as we know it with its participation in several researches and studies.

True to its core value of innovation, the university helps pave the way for novel inventions and developments that simplify life’s challenges with its scholarly research pursuits. UBC makes this possible with its research collaborations with the Clean Energy Research Center, Pulp and Paper Center, Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory, Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems, among many others.

You can receive guidance from senior students through the UBC’s Engineering Mentoring Program.

Your seniors have been through the stages you are going through. Safe to say, they are the best persons to help you with your educational conundrums. With the help of the Engineering Mentoring Program, you can enjoy assistance from your ‘big brothers and sisters’ who were taught by UBC alumni who are industry leaders themselves.

UBC fosters real-life application of a student’s knowledge and skills with its corporate partnership programs.

Most companies come across technological programs – and when they do – they beckon the help of UBC students. With their knowledge, skill and expertise in research and troubleshooting, the university’s Engineering students are the top choices of companies when it comes to different problems.

UBC keeps an open door for qualified international students.

Even if you are not from Canada, you can take advantage of the fine Engineering education that UBC offers. Apart from passing the required tests, you need to obtain a minimum score in the University’s English Language Proficiency Tests. Once in UBC, you will not feel homesick at all with the school’s International House, ASSIST program (orientation), International Peer Program and International Student Advisors League.

Degrees Offered

UBC Engineering is committed to four core principles: academic excellence, innovation, integrity, ethical conduct and respect for the individual, and social, environmental and economic responsibility.

True to its core purpose of educating globally-responsible professionals, the school offers the following undergraduate degrees in its Vancouver campus:

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Geological Engineering
  • Integrated and Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering Physics

Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, on the other hand, are the only undergraduate Engineering degrees offered in the Okanagan campus.

UBC also offers graduate programs, such as Masters in Engineering, Masters in Applied Science and Doctor of Philosophy.

If you dream of building gravity-defying structures, or synthesizing chemicals that can serve the world’s pollution problem, then UBC is the institution that can make these fantasies come true. Get your hands on the best Engineering education available in Canada by enrolling in UBC’s esteemed School of Engineering.

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