Top 5 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in the World

Do you love to tinker with electronics, disassemble items – and assemble them once again? Is your mind filled with breakthrough, never-before-seen inventions? If you have got the gift for tech-related toying and forming, then you have got what it takes to become a professional engineer.

In this article will provide a comprehensive overview of the highest paying engineering jobs in the world.

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Apart from letting you live out your lifelong obsession of building and creating structures, a career in engineering gives you the chance to the live the ‘high life’ as well. After all, seven of the ten highest paying jobs in the world are

related to engineering, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

So if you want career that fulfills your dreams and fills your pockets – then make sure to choose any of these top 5 highest paying engineering jobs:

1) Highest Paying Engineering Job #1: Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum makes the world go round – literally. Gas and fossil fuels are needed on a daily basis to run appliances, cars, and other sophisticated machines. Without these power sources, the world will surely (and literally) end up in a standstill.

In effect, the high demand for gas has made Petroleum Engineering the highest-paying job not only in the field of Engineering, but in all disciplines as well.

Petroleum Engineers, who create methodologies and processes to obtain gas and oil reserves from below the earth’s surface, earn an average of CAD 57 an hour – or CAD 119,294 every year! You can even go as high as CAD

$170,000 to $250,000 if you have enough experience.

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While most Petroleum Engineers spend time in offices and research laboratories, they have to do their fair share of ‘dirty work’ by engineering in drilling sites for several weeks to several months.

If you want to become a handsomely-paid Petroleum Engineer, you have to be analytical and creative (excellent math and problem solving skills are required as well.) Take a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering, pass the qualifying exams and get licensed by the state. Soon enough, headhunters will come knocking at your door.

2) Highest Paying Engineering Job #2: Computer Engineering

Fact: Most of the world relies on the power of computers. From water reservoirs to production lines, automated and accurate processes are carried out by these modern marvels. To make sure that computers operate smoothly – and that new programs are designed to fit industry needs, almost all corporations require the expertise of a computer engineer – the silver medalist when it comes to fat paychecks.

Computer engineers are in charge of designing and developing software and hardware that can make everyday activities better and more efficient, that is why they are often spotted in high-tech manufacturing companies and research laboratories. The high demand for such professionals accounts for the hefty hourly rate they receive: an average of CAD 50.

If you wish to make as much as CAD 103,325 per year, what you need to do is obtain a degree in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering. You can expect an even higher rate if you work for the Federal Government or decide to pursue post-graduate studies (MA or Ph.D.)

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3) Highest Paying Engineering Job #3: Chemical Engineering

Food, drugs, fuel – basically most of the substances utilized in the world – are created, if not perfected, with the help of Chemical Engineers. Apart from designing and creating methodologies for large-scale manufacturing, they conduct breakthrough research and troubleshoot any chemical-related problems that might come along the way.

Chemical Engineering is perfect for individuals who would like to invent substances – from shampoo to additives – that are beneficial for personal and commercial use. Apart from taking credit over these concoctions, Chemical Engineers also get to bring home as much as CAD 94,426 every year, or an average hourly salary of CAD 45.40. The best paychecks come from scientific research and development services, while the lowest ones come from fiber and filament manufacturing companies.

A bachelor’s degree in Chemical (or Chemical and Biomolecular) Engineering is the basic requirement for aspirants. A professional engineering license, of course, enhances one’s chances of bringing home a hefty paycheck from any of the following industries: refineries, research laboratories or industrial plants.

4) Highest Paying Engineering Job #4: Aerospace Engineering

Air and space travel were once deemed impossible – until the Wright Brothers and NASA visionaries proved naysayers wrong. These men have managed to change the face of history when they invented airplanes and space crafts that defied the laws of gravity.

While you cannot trump these first aerospace inventions, you can make a name for yourself by making faster planes – or rocket ships that can venture into distant planets – by becoming a licensed Aerospace Engineer. Not only will it give you the chance to rewrite history, it can also stuff CAD 49..) This is just the average rate – in fact, you can take home as much as CAD 116,000 if you are employed by the Federal Government.

Your journey to the International Space Station starts with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. After earning a professional license, you can actualize your dream of designing and building novel airplanes, satellites, space crafts – even missiles!

As an Aerospace Engineer, you might need to live a ‘secret life’ since most projects are highly-classified. While your move is always monitored, the work-related rush proves to be an exciting (not to mention profitable) venture for some!

5) Highest Paying Engineering Job #5: Biomedical Engineer

The life expectancy of humans has drastically improved because of modern technologies such as respirator, defibrillator, anesthesia machine, among many others. From the lowly 20-year lifespan enjoyed by Neolithic men, humans nowadays get to live to as much as 67.2 years old.

The lifespan and over-all state health of humans are expected to improve even further, many thanks to the almost-miraculous works of biomedical engineers. These fifth-highest paid engineers help improve the state of healthcare by researching and designing solutions for medical-related conundrums.

Often based in hospitals, research centers, government agencies and manufacturing laboratories, biomedical engineers can earn up to CAD 85,266 every year, given their average hourly salary of CAD 41.

A bachelor’s in biomedical engineering or other engineering specialties is usually required for an entry-level job. However, if you aspire to lead a research team, you will need to take a post-graduate course (MA, Ph.D., Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dental Medicine.)

While biomedical engineers are not the payroll rockstars of the industry, the job outlook for the next ten years is very promising, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because of the high regard for excellent healthcare, the demand for biomedical engineers is expected to increase to as much as 62%.

Engineering jobs are challenging, but they are very rewarding in terms of fulfillment and the paycheck. So if you have the skills and the talents – as well as the drive to earn well – then better prepare yourself so you can be admitted into one of the best Engineering schools in the country.

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