Best Psychology Programs in Canada – Part 2 (McGill University)

Best Psychology Programs in Canada – Part 2 – McGill University

Please note that this is an article series titled: The Best Psychology Programs in Canada. Here are their individual parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Do you have exceptional analytical, observational and communication skills? Are you a natural when it comes to dealing with people, as well as dealing with problems?

Looks like you are fit to be a Psychologist!

If you are just about to enter college, you will be glad to know that a degree in Psychology can work with all your natural-born talents and capacities. Because of its flexibility, it is a famous option amongst many aspiring students.

After all, Psychology is considered as one of the best preparatory courses that a learner can take – since it paves the way for rewarding careers in the field of medicine, mental health, education, research, law, even business.

If you are dedicated in pursuing this career exciting career that deals with the different aspects of the brain, then the information below can help you decide why McGill University is the best institution for you – whether it is an undergraduate or post-graduate degree in Psychology.

McGill Department of Psychology: A Brief History

McGill’s Department of Psychology is one of the oldest – and the best – in the entire world. The first Psychology courses (as part of Philosophy courses) in the University were taught in 1850 by W.T. Leach. This breakthrough pioneer, who opened the doors for future Canadian psychologists, shared the knowledge he obtained from his alma mater, the University of Edinburgh.

In 1910, the university opened its doors to its Psychological laboratory, as championed by William Dunlop Trait. Twelve years and numerous researches after, McGill finally decided to establish its own Department of Psychology.

With its rich tradition, McGill’s Psychology program is considered as one of the strongest in Canada, and the whole

world. The tradition holds true, as the University has been the passageway for many illustrious Psychologists who specialize in different fields.

The Strengths of McGill’s Psychology Program

If you are considering a career in the field of Psychology, then McGill University should be your number one choice. Why? Here are several reasons why McGill can help you become one of the best minds in the world of Psychology:

McGill boasts of a strong academic record

McGill University is considered as one of the best universities in Canada – even the whole world. It has recently overtaken the University of Toronto in the 2013 QS World Rankings, which has led the survey for several years. As the 19th best Psychology institution in the world – and the top University in Canada – McGill scored an impressive 80.40% rate in the QS survey.

McGill offers two degree options: BA and BS

How do you like to pursue a career in Psychology? McGill can provide you with two options, unlike other universities that offer just a BA or BS degree.

For example, if you like to dabble with the social aspects of behavior and psychology, then you are better off with a BA degree. However, if you wish to specialize in biopsychology, medicine, neuroscience, psychiatry and other hard neurosciences, then you should consider McGill’s BS track.

Degrees and courses are taught by world-renowned experts in the different disciplines of Psychology

Helping hone Psychology’s future is McGill’s well-respected professors, all of which are leaders in their respective fields. Some of the university’s groundbreaking educators include Donald Hebb, the father of Cognitive Psychology, and James Olds, considered one of the modern founders of modern neuroscience.

McGill offers numerous research opportunities to its students and professors

Whatever field you wish to pursue, you can make great strides with the research opportunities provided by the University to its students and professors. Currently, the school has produced stellar studies in the disciplines of Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Development, Psycholinguistics, Social Psychology, Cognition, Neuroscience, Comparative Psychology and Quantitative Psychology, to name a few.

McGill is affiliated with institutions that facilitate groundbreaking research

In order to provide great training experience to its students and faculty members, McGill maintains affiliations with the country’s top institutions, such as the Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill Pain Center, McGill Vision Center, Center for Language, Mind and Brain and the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, to name a few. With these affiliations, you can practice your skills and conduct researches at the best specialized institutions in the country.

McGill University offers the most affordable tuition fees, compared to other Canadian universities

On the average, Canadian students who enroll at McGill only pay an average somewhere from $2200 to $6112. This is comparably cheaper in comparison to other Canadian universities whose tuition fees range from $7000 upwards.

Although this is the case, McGill’s tuition fees for international students are pricier than other Canadian schools. This is perhaps the only downside to enrolling at McGill University. After all, foreign learners have to pay anywhere from $14,816 to $28,283 per year.

Why study Psychology at McGill University?

An impressive academic reputation and esteemed professors-slash-researchers – need we say more? We can definitely enumerate more reasons that can help you seal the deal:

A McGill diploma can help you become a distinguished Psychologist in the future

With its excellent curriculum, innovative educators, complete laboratory facilities and numerous research opportunities, McGill offers everything you need – and more – to become a great Psychologist in the future. With McGill education, you can establish groundbreaking findings and become a well-respected psychologist, just like its alumni: Donald Hebb, Julian Jaynes, Daniel Levitin, James Olds, Steven Pinker and Susan Pinker, to name a few.

The university’s Peer Advising Program enables you to learn from undergraduate students who have been through it all

Apart from receiving excellent instruction from the University’s respected professors, you can also seek assistance from your fellow Psychology students through the Peer Advising Program. Since they have been through the path you are already on, your ‘peers’ can give you advice that can help you in every step of the way.

McGill is seated at the vibrant city of Montreal

The lively cosmopolitan that is Montreal is known as one of the most vibrant cities for living, tourism, and education. As the second largest French-speaking city in the world, studying in Montreal can help you develop a Francophone.

Currently, the department is housed in the Stewart Biology Building of the Montreal campus.

McGill offers an open, conducive and multicultural learning environment

No matter where you come from, you can expect an open and conducive learning environment in McGill. In fact, its multicultural setting continues to attract students from all over the globe. At present, the university has received international students from over 150 nations.

When it comes to Psychology education, nothing comes close to what McGill University has to offer. So if you want to be a great Psychologist like other McGill alumni before you, then make sure to put the university at the top of your list!

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