The Best MBA Programs in Canada – Part 4 – (UBC MBA Review)

Top 4 MBA Schools in Canada – Part 4 – (UBC MBA Review)

Please note that this article is part of a series titled: The Best MBA Programs in Canada. Here are their respective parts:Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4.

Have you always wanted to be the boss of your own company?

Are you tired of working for the man – only to have him take credence of the ideas you have suggested and developed?

If you want to work for yourself – effect breakthrough changes and perhaps, earn bigger earnings along the way – then you know that a mere undergraduate degree is not enough. If you want to achieve these goals, you are going to need to equip yourself with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA.)

While there are so many schools in Canada offering an MBA, the best way for you to end up at the top of the

industrial echelon is to study in the country’s top business school: the University of British Columbia (UBC) Sauder School of Business – Robert H. Lee Graduate School.

What are the MBA Options at the University of British Columbia (UBC)?

At UBC, not only will you be able to receive a MBA degree that will take you to places – you can choose from a variety of options as well. The Robert H. Lee Graduate School offers the following programs to Canadians and foreign students who wish to lead the race in their respective business fields:

1) Full-time MBA

This 16-month program enables you to take the top spot of the world’s business stage with its focus on global immersion, experiential learning and personalized leadership development. The full-time MBA is further specialized into four career tracks: Product and Service Management, Finance, Consulting and Strategic Management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

2) Part-time MBA

This flexible 28-month program allows you to develop your executive and leadership skills without forcing you to resign from the day job that serves as your source of income (and tuition fee funds.) At the same time, you can apply your newfound knowledge at the work place, and consequently find a new career path where you can live out your visions and come out on top.

3) International MBA

Even if you are living halfway across the globe, you can immerse yourself in topnotch UBC education through its International MBA program. This part-time degree, which you can take for as long as 20 months, is taught in China’s prestigious Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Through this track, international students can receive world-class education without leaving the comforts of their home countries.

4) EMBA in Health Care

The health care industry has a need unlike any other industry. The decision made by the executive does not only affect the institution’s money and investments – it affects the lives of numerous patients as well. If you are a

business leader in the health care sector, then you will benefit from UBC’s 18-month Executive MBA in Health Care, a part-time program specially tailored for the specific needs of the industry.

5) Joint MBA/JD

Hit two birds with one stone by pursuing the Joint MBA/JD degree offered by both the Sauder School of Business and the Faculty of Law. This 4-year post-graduate degree gives you the option to practice law, business, and both. This dual degree allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds at a shorter period of study time.


This joint program by the Sauder School of Business and Institute of Asian Research helps prepare students who wish to pursue a career that is focused on drafting and improving Asia-Pacific policies and statutes.

Why Choose UBC’s MBA Program?

The wealth of MBA degrees to choose from is just one of the many factors that make UBC Sauder School of Business a top-choice institution for business professionals. If you are still at the crossroads of choosing the best MBA school for your needs, then here are several points that will make you want to study at UBC:

1) UBC can give you the prestige that no other Canadian university can provide you.

In the competitive world of business, it pays to have a resume that blurts out the name of UBC – one of the best universities in the country and the world. Currently, it is the 57th best MBA school out of the thousands of institutions in the entire world

2) You will be educated by the best business experts-slash-professors in the world.

Currently, the Sauder School of Business employs hundreds of the business field’s crème de la crème to teach the world’s future top-level executives. To date, 98% of the teaching staff possess doctorates and business experiences that make them the best in their fields. Become just like your reputable professors by obtaining something they have – stellar UBC MBA education.

3) UBC employs the best professor-researchers in the field of business.

In commerce, new knowledge is needed to progress certain disciplines. UBC remains to be at the forefront of business breakthroughs with its faculty members who carry out researches that improve and uplift the state of commerce.

4) UBC can help you meet your objectives.

Why do you want to study MBA anyway? Are you looking for a career change? Do you want to be a leader? Or do you want to earn more? Whatever your goals might be, UBC can help you achieve them, as noted in its 94% score in the category “Aims achieved by alumni,” as published by the Financial Times.

5) Improve your wage-earning potential upon graduation.

Business executives are known for their lucrative paychecks. Be the high roller that you dream of being by enrolling in the UBC Robert H. Lee Graduate School. According to a study conducted by the Financial Times, UBC graduates can earn an average of $91,000.

6) UBC education helps you to be employed right away.

Again, in the survey conducted by Financial Times, results showed that 90% of UBC MBA graduates get employed within 3 months after graduating. With virtually no downtime for unemployment, you can apply your vision and ideas right away, and maximize your earning potential while you are at it.

7) UBC helps you establish connections with business leaders in Canada and the entire world.

With a high rate of international faculty members and students, you can foster relationships and establish networks with business leaders in the country, as well as other parts of the globe. In the world of commerce, these connections can help you land the job you have always wanted and live the ideals you have always been dreaming of.

8) With a UBC MBA, you can…

  • Improve your knowledge and skills in business and leadership
  • Enjoy both personal and professional growth
  • Change your current field of work – despite specializing in it for several years
  • Make innovations and change the face of business as we know it
  • Establish connections with the world’s best business executives

And more!

With UBC MBA education under your belt, you will be given the knowledge and skills that can set you above the elite bunch of business professionals. Advance your career and reach greater heights by enrolling in any of UBA’s MBA programs.

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