Best Law Schools in Canada – Part 2 (UBC Faculty of Law)

What are the Best Law Schools in Canada – Part 2

Please note that this article is part of an article series – What are the Best Law Schools in Canada? Here are their respective parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Are you a stellar critical and analytical thinker? Do you like investigating situations to determine the truth behind them? Are you an advocate of the poor and the oppressed?

If you possess these qualities, then why not put them into good use by being a lawyer? As an attorney, you can protect an individual or corporation by interpreting legal rulings through actions or words.

While you might have the skills to become an excellent lawyer, the only way you can actualize your dream is to get

best legal education in Canada – something that the Faculty of Law of the University of British Columbia (UBC) can offer to you.

University of British Columbia or UBC Faculty of Law: Humble Beginnings

The Faculty of Law’s journey to becoming one of Canada’s most reputable institutions was a turbulent one. The program, which started in 1945, had no formal home in the beginning – the professors ‘squatted’ and taught students at the Brock Hall, alongside students and teachers from other colleges.

And, after the war, when war veterans came back home to seek education, the state of UBC Law was pushed to the limit. Thankfully, General Pearkes volunteered his abandoned army huts to serve as the temporary classrooms of soldiers-turned-students. With the growing number of students, the faculty had to herd some of its students from the army huts to halls right across the university.

And, as the years passed, the Faculty has amassed enough funds to situate them to the building they are in today – the multi-million Allard Hall. Its transition from army huts to today’s modern structure is a testament to the faculty’s state – that it too, gets better with time.

UBC Law’s strong points

UBC’s Faculty of Law is one of the best in Canada, ranking 40th out of all the law schools in the world (2013 QS World University Rankings.) What makes it so? Here are several factors that make the school a top choice amongst

wannabe-lawyers from the country and other parts of the globe.

UBC offers an innovative J.D. program.

The university is famous for its groundbreaking J.D. program, unlike what other colleges offer. At UBC, you can expect first-rate education that delves with the legal areas of environmental and natural resources, business (corporate and intellectual property), Asian studies, Feminist studies, Aboriginal issues and Social Justice, to name a few.

UBC is home to exceptional and research-focused faculty members.

UBC’s professors are leaders in the field of law, and their dedication to educating the brightest minds of Canada helps contribute to the production of excellent future lawyers. UBC faculty members specialize in interdisciplinary and theoretical approaches to law, as well as issues in advocacy and law reform.

The Faculty of Law is housed in a state-of-the-art, fully-equipped building.

In September 2011, the Faculty of Law relocated to the Allard Hall, a building made possible by the generous donation of law alumnus Peter Allard. Here, you can develop your talents and skills with the building’s spacious classrooms, updated technologies and complete research facilities. The hall is also home to the UBC law library, one of Canada’s largest. Here you can obtain all the resources you need to support your classroom education.

UBC is home to two law reviews.

Law reviews are journals that focus on different legal issues, with notes and reviews coming from the student publishers (reviewers.) Throughout the years, this type of extracurricular activity has helped in the development of law. At UBC, you can hone your skills by joining any of its two law reviews – the UBC Law Review or the Canadian Journal of Family Law.

UBC hosts competitive moots on both local and international levels.

Moot courts provide an atmosphere of simulated court proceedings, where students can demonstrate their skills in drafting memorials and engaging in oral arguments. At UBC, you can prove your expertise through its competitive moot programs that allow you to go head to head with fellow Canadian law students, as well as students from other parts of the globe.

UBC allows you to practice your skills through its Law Students Legal Advice Program.

If you have always been passionate about helping the poor and the oppressed, you can devote your extra time by signing up for UBC’s Law Students Legal Advice Program. This non-profit platform enables you to extend legal assistance individuals who cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

Why study at UBC Law?

UBC’s strong points, as mentioned above, are just some of the few things that make the university a great institution for wannabe lawyers. However, if you are still undecided as to which school to pursue, then these points below will surely help you decide:

Small-sized classes.

Do you find it hard to learn in large classes? If you don’t consider this environment conducive, then UBC Law is the place for you. Despite the immensity of the faculty, professors make it a point to teach student-centered, small-sized classes. That way, they can extend assistance easily to the students and ensure that the tasks are completed efficiently. Small classes also foster high attendance rates, generalized student and teacher comfort and detailed feedback regarding the lessons.

Career Services support.

Are you confused about how you will be able to pursue your lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer? UBC’s Career Services Department can help you out with this. The Career Services staff can assist you in making your dreams come true – whether it is becoming a law firm attorney or a senator.

International Exchange Programs.

If you like trotting across the globe and immersing yourself in diverse law cultures, then UBC is the school for you. The faculty offers Joint Legal Education Programs that enable you to spend a semester or two at the University of Hawaii, University of Hong Kong or 80 other reputable law schools.

Central location.

UBC is located in the vibrant Canadian city also known as Vancouver. Famous for its temperate setting and nearby beaches, Vancouver makes a great location for thriving and studying. Add to that, the 1000-hectare University is situated in a forest peninsula that offers breathtaking views of the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Given its tree-filled location, UBC is very accessible by public transportation.

Scholarship and financial aid available.

Even if you are not born with a silver spoon inside your mouth, you can still become the lawyer you wish to be with the help of UBC’s scholarships and financial aid programs. In fact, the school distributes as much as $1,000,000 in financial assistance every year.

Innovative education, reputable professors and an endearing educational system – these are just some of the things you get to enjoy by getting UBC Law education. If you want to become just like the university’s famous alumni – such as former Prime Minister Kim Campbell and former Chief Justice Donald Brenner and – then UBC Law education is what you need.

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