Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) Program Guide – Part 1

AFM Rankings, Current Student Thoughts and How to complete Waterloo’s Admission Information Form (AIF) 

Maybe you’re that kid with glasses that everyone used to make fun of. The one who wouldn’t really mingle, who would rather stay out of the sun because you knew you’d get kicked by a stray ball. Your friends had nothing to do with the people you were forced to spend most of your time with. They were two odd kids, just like you, who could understand your jokes and your passion for details.

You have hobbies and love to spend your time making things, learning from others, noticing and listening to what they’re doing wrong and could do much better.

You are the one everyone knew would succeed because you tried to make things better, but you didn’t know how to let the others know that you’re not trying to show off, you were trying to improve their lives.

You were just a kid then, but in the meantime life has taught you a thing or two. You still have your hobbies and your passion, but now they are hidden from the world. Why keep them for yourself?  You are driven and have the passion needed today in every company. You have that eye for detail that they are lacking, you could be their most crucial team member, the one that sees the big picture and can point to the details that need to be improved.

This is what the Accounting and Financial Management Program at the University of Waterloo is about. It’s your ticket towards doing what you love in the company that you love, for a fulfilled life. It’s not for everyone and you know it.

Accounting and Financial Management does not sound like something the average student would be thrilled to study. It’s something that only a few understand and really get. It takes patience, openness and responsibility to follow leads, make connections and take decisions that will affect a whole company.

Are you ready for the challenge?


There is one simple truth about programs related to Accounting & Financial Management and that Waterloo’s AFM Program is ranked exceptionally high.

Waterloo University has been ranked Canada’s most innovative university for 22 years in a row in the Maclean’s reputational rankings. Besides reputation, Waterloo ranks first in the following categories: Student Awards, Faculty Awards, Social Sciences & Humanities Grants and Scholarships and Bursaries in Maclean’s 2015 comprehensive rankings.

With over 300 start-up companies connected to the university, Waterloo is one of the country’s leading universities with regards to turning ideas into action. UW

was the first university in Canada to include the co-op program and now hosts one of the world’s largest co-op programs, with over 5,200 employers from all over the world.

As an AFM student you get to accumulate around two years of paid work experience with potential total earnings of up to $77,000.

On, students have expressed their opinions about the university and their professors.

The overall quality rating based on 436 ratings is 3.8/5, with averages of 4.5/5 for reputation, 3.9/5 for the location, 3.1/5 for the food, 4.4/5 for opportunity, 3.9/5 for the library access and quality, 3.6/5 for the campus, 3.4/5 for clubs, 3.1/5 for social interactions and an average of 4.4/5 with regards to happiness.

One student says “By far the best school for co-op hands down. Yes, reputation is great and all, but the most important thing on investing your money in post-secondary education is to ensure you’ll graduate with a job and this school ensures that. However if you’re expecting to go to a good looking campus this isn’t the place unless you’re an engineer.”

Here is another student comment: “Water, water, water. LOO! LOO! LOO!!! Best university experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s by no means perfect and I had some extremely miserable days,months even. But it is worth it! The friendships, growth, nights of studying till 3:00AM, partying till 6:00AM and the intense pride I feel whenever my reply is ” yes I went to Waterloo.”

One more: “It is a great school for undergraduate students who want to study accounting/finance because of the Co-op program. It provides the opportunity for you to go to industry and work and see what you will do after graduation. They help you find a job and prepare for work. Most of the interviews are done at school. You will be ready for work when you graduate”

The Admission Information Form (AIF)

Properly filling out the Admission Information Form (AIF) is an important step in the admission process. Each AIF is individually reviewed, so make sure you put your best foot forward while writing this document. If your AIF is impressive, you also stand a good chance to receive a scholarship. This evaluation, along with your performance in the AFMAA and your academic performance will determine your overall admission score

Your grades are not the only factors we take into account when we make our admissions decisions. Use the Admission Information Form (AIF) to write more about:

·         yourself, your personality, your hobbies, likes and dislikes;

·         your extra-curricular activities;

·         any special circumstances that might have affected your grades or any ones that you would like to be taken into consideration when we review your documents;

·         why you deserve to be part of AFM.

Before submitting the final AIF, use your favorite word processor to check everything for proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. For the Admissions team that will review your application how well you write is as important as what you write. Make sure you take up the opportunity to show off your skills and ask for a second opinion on your writing before you submit the form.

The AIF gives the AFM Admissions Committee a chance to get to know you as a person, beside your academic performances. It should paint a picture of your interests, your capabilities, your long term goals, what you do in your free time (hobbies), previous jobs (if applicable), community involvement and other activities you think are relevant.

The Committee is not looking for specific activities, since many are dependent on what you like and what is available. Instead, they want to see examples of initiative, ideas, leadership, proper time management, a range of interests and involvement, communication skills.

For step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the AIF, follow this link:

The undergraduate calendar will help you plan out your application and the next academic year. Find the calendar here


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