Best Business Co-op Programs In Canada – Part 1

Best Canadian Universities with Business Co-op Programs – Wilfrid Laurier University

Do you wish to learn and earn all at the same time? This is indeed possible with Business co-op programs. Seen as one of the hottest educational opportunities of today, co-op programs provide on-the-job learning, fantastic pay, among many other perks.

Holding much promise in the field of learning and income, business co-op programs prove beneficial to all businessman-wannabes. So if you wish to become a good manager or entrepreneur knowledge and skill-wise, then

set your sights on Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU), one of the best Canadian universities with Business Co-op programs.

About Wilfrid Laurier University’s (WLU) Business Co-op Education

WLU is the home of the reputable School of Business and Economics, established in 1966. By far, it is the largest faculty in the university. A champion of comprehensive learning, it is one of the best Canadian universities that offer undergraduate Business co-op programs.

WLU’s Business co-op programs cover three work terms (Fall, Spring or Winter) with a duration of four months each. To enhance learnings, these programs are linked with other related disciplines, such as Economics, Financial Math, Computer Science, Computing and Math.

Available throughout sophomore to senior year, co-op education allows the student to earn a year’s work of paid, full-time work experience. Application for WLU’s Business co-op programs open at the end of freshman year.

Why Business Co-op?

College is definitely taxing, with the books you need to read and the exams you need to ace. Although this is the case, there is no reason why you should not put in more effort by enrolling in a Business co-op program. After all, WLU’s co-op education features a lot of benefits, including:

1. Academically Integrated Experience. Perhaps the best thing about WLU’s Business co-op program is experience. Most importantly, it helps you gain proficiency that is integrated into the curriculum. Since most companies require experience prior to hiring, a business co-op program can help you gain an edge academically – and professionally.

2. Paid work. Internships give you some business experience, but they are oftentimes unpaid – and start at senior year. With a co-op program, you can apply the skills you learned at school – and you get paid for it. Add to that, you can start with your co-op work as early as sophomore year.

3. Immediate Hiring. Unfortunately, most college students spend several months scouting the job market – before they get hired. This is usually not the case for co-op program graduates. In fact, 95% of co-op students get hired immediately upon graduation, according to the statistics gathered by the National Commission for Cooperative Education.

4. Exposure to other cultures. Another great thing about co-op programs is that it gives you the opportunity to explore other countries and experience other cultures. Some schools offer co-op opportunities in other districts, while some open jobs in international corporations. With that being said, you can gain immersive yet highly-educational business experience with co-op education.

Why Wilfrid Laurier University?

With the many benefits that come with co-op education, more and more students are opting for this kind of

innovative program. However, the question is: Where will you get the best kind of co-op education. After all, Canada is home to several high-ranking universities.

As of one of Canada’s best business schools, it should be your top choice – especially if you want to become a successful businessman. With its excellent co-op programs, here are several reasons why you should opt for WLU’s co-op education:

1. High Academic Standards

WLU’s School of Business and Economics is known not only for its impressive co-op program, but for its high academic standards as well. In fact, the Business school has the highest entering average for applicants at 86.3%, compared to 80.3% for the arts and 80.8% for the sciences.

Proofs of WLU’s high academic standards are represented by the many laurels that the university has received. Since the year 2000, Maclean’s Magazine has named WLU as the first amongst primarily undergraduate Ontario universities, with regards to overall reputation.

WLU is also one of only 15 Canadian universities to have been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, a corporation focused on the promotion and enhancement of business/management education. WLU has also been named by the Princeton Review as an “outstanding business school.”

With its high academic standards, it has produced a handful of local and international business magnates, including:

Jim Gabel, Reebok North America President

Tim Penner, Procter & Gamble Canada President

Ralph Hyatt, Toshiba Canada President/CEO

David Hayter, Liberty Mutual Investments COO

Bill Downe, Bank of Montreal President/CEO

Lindsay Duffield, Jaguar Land Rover Canada President

Brock Furlong, Optimum Food Group CEO

2. Student-Centered Teaching Methods

Teaching is not about the professor, but the student. With this in mind, WLU Business co-op programs focus on student-centered teaching methods that put a comprehensive approach to all business aspects. Through student projects, simulation challenges, case studies and business executive presentations, WLU students are ensured thorough learning and mastery.

3. Multiple Business Options

With WLU’s Business co-op programs, you can explore and pursue any path you wish to take. The program exposes you to several options, including Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business and Marketing, to name a few. By gaining experience at any of these fields, you can specialize and determine the best match for your skills and talents.

4. Professional Recognition

Apart from earning that much-needed experience in the field, WLU’s business co-op programs are recognized as experience requirements for several professional organizations. For example, the program is approved for those who want to become Chartered Accountants or Chartered Professional Accountants.

WLU’s Business and Economics courses are also credited by other professional organizations, such as: the Certified General Accountants of Ontario, the Certified Management Accountants of Ontario, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, Human Resource Professionals Association, Insurance Institute of Canada and the Purchasing Management Association of Canada.

What Students Have to Say

“Students get the opportunity to apply what they learned in class to a real business setting.” – Zackary Winkler, Class of 2014

“Through co-op, I have been able to experience business-to-business marketing… and I will get to explore other types of work before choosing a career path.” – Klara Raic, Class of 2014

Apart from inculcating excellent business knowledge, WLU’s co-op programs pave the paths of tomorrow’s business pioneers. As established by its many graduates, co-op education has helped them learn more than what the books say. Add to that, co-op experience have also helped them pursue the paths that complement their skills and talents.


In the competitive world of commerce, business co-op programs give you a head start towards a great employment opportunity. After all, it provides you the experience and the additional income that can help you excel in college.

With that being said, it pays to enrol in a great business co-op program, like the one offered by WLU. After all, it boasts of high academic standards, student-centered teaching methods, multiple business options and professional recognition.

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