Best Business Co-op Programs In Canada – Part 2

Best Canadian Universities with Business Co-op Programs – Brock University

Learning about business is a great thing, but did you know that you can earn money while you do so? If you wish to enjoy the benefits of education and compensation, then it is advisable that you take a business co-op program in college.

Of course, if you want to get the most out of the opportunities available, it is best if you enroll in one of the best business co-op program universities in all of Canada: Brock University.

What You Need to Know About Brock University

Located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Brock is a public research university nestled within the beautiful UNESCO

Biosphere Reserve. Currently, it is ranked third out of all Canadian research universities, with regards to publication output and impact indicators.

One of its biggest institutes is the Goodman School of Business, formerly known as the Brock University Faculty of Business. Established in the year 1964 and subsequently named after Chancellor Ned Goodman in 2012, it is home to approximately 15% of all Brock University students.

Even as a medium-sized faculty, the Goodman School of Business enjoys the accreditation of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Businesses (AACSB). Truly the cream of the crop, it is just one of the five Canadian business schools to have received this distinction. Additionally, it is among the 5% of international business schools that have been granted this prestigious accolade.

Apart from the AACSB endorsement, the Goodman School of Business is also accredited by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, Certified General Accountants of Ontario and the Canadian Institute of Management.

The Goodman School of Business was recently awarded the 3 Palmes of Excellence for being a notable institution with reinforcing international influence. Ranked 1 by the Palmes League, it enjoys a perfect dean’s recommendation of 100%.

Business Co-Op Education at Brock University

Acknowledging the importance of co-op education, Brock University takes pride in being the fifth largest co-op institution in the country. As of current, it is the third largest co-op school in the province of Ontario.

Presently, the school offers co-op programs for its two degrees: Business Administration and Accountancy. In fact,

the Goodman School of Business operates the second largest Accounting co-op program in Canada. Coincidentally, it is also the second Accountancy co-op program to have been granted accreditation by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario.

Why Study at Brock University?

Given the many universities in Canada, you might find it hard to choose the right business co-op program to suit your needs. However, with the following advantages, you will realize why Brock University is the perfect school for you:

  • Small but ‘Great’

Although Brock is a smaller university, it comes with the many benefits that one can expect with a tight-knit educational community. For one, business students gain more from the school’s small-sized classes. Through this class framework, learners receive more feedback that can help them in school and at work. A small-sized class also fosters better peer learning, as students get to know their classmates better – and learn from them along the way.

  • Comprehensive Co-op Experience

The right business experience is your ticket to a rewarding employment opportunity after graduation. With Brock University, you can earn the experience of four work terms most companies are looking for. Business Administration majors can achieve as much as 20 months’ worth of experience, while Accountancy students can get the 16-20 months of the 30 months required to become a Chartered Accountant.

  • Parallelized Program

At Brock University, you earn a useful work experience as you learn them at the university. That means you can apply what you learn from the classroom – directly into the workplace. With a parallelized program, you are given the important perspective as you work your way through the corporate ladder.

  • Choice of Different Employers

At Brock University, you need not be locked with a single employer. In fact, you can work with as many firms as you want. Accountancy students are given a variety of choices, including Ernst & Young, Collins Barrow, Dunwoody and Grant and Thornton, to name a few. Business Administration majors, on the other hand, can work for the biggest companies, such as Kraft, General Motors, Pepsi and Siemens. Because of the diversity of employment options, you get to tread numerous paths – so you can find the track you like the most.

  • Exposure to Other Individuals and Businesses

With Brock University’s co-op program, you are not limited to the workings of your current employer. You also get the chance to interact with their clients as well. Since students are assigned to the different areas of the business, they get the opportunity to interact with other firms and probable future employers. Not only do this add to the comprehensive job experience bosses are looking for, it widens their employment networks – a must-have for any individual graduating from college.

  • Numerous Preparations for the Job Search

As one of the biggest co-op schools in the Canada, Brock delivers the finest experience by helping its students prepare for the job hunt. Co-op applicants are assured better chances of employment with the school’s personal counseling services and custom-designed evening workshops. Students are exposed to different opportunities, industries and careers as well – so they have the idea of what to expect outside the campus.

  • High Employment Rate

In comparison to most Ontario universities, Brock trumps others with its high employment rates. According to statistics, the institution maintains an impressive employment figure of 97.2%. With that being said, you are assured a good future at Brock.

What Students Have to Say

“…I was able to significantly develop through well-rounded experiences.” -Asad G. Hussain, Business Administration

“I have gained a lot… whether it was networking with professionals such as Harry Rosen or just learning how to face the challenges that occur while operating a business.” –Baneet Gurwara, Business Administration

True enough, Brock University’s co-op programs enable its students to become better business professionals. The experiences help them develop their skills, apart from giving them the opportunity to network with local and international business magnates. They also get to troubleshoot the obstacles that come with managing a business – something that they can capitalize on when they are enter the real world.

Final Words

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Aptly so, Brock University proves this with its notable business co-op programs. After all, it offers a comprehensive co-op experience which is parallelized with the student’s ongoing courses.

Add to that, Brock students are given the opportunity to work for different employers. As they do so, they are also given the chance to interact with other firms and clienteles. With the university’s job search support and remarkable employment rates, Brock proves to be a great choice for those interested in business co-op education.

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