Cheapest Colleges in Canada for International Students

Cheapest Colleges in Canada for International Students

Canadian colleges are known around the world for their high standards and quality of education. As such, it comes as no surprise why the “Great White North” is a top choice amongst many international students.

Sadly, tuition fees in some schools prove to be very expensive for exchange students. However, this should not

douse down your passion – as you can pursue excellent education at these cheapest Canadian colleges for international students:

Herzing College

For more than 40 years, Herzing College has been a top choice amongst locals – and now amongst international students too. That is because it is deemed as the cheapest institution for foreign learners, with its yearly tuition fee amounting to just CAD 4,000 to 5,000 per year.

Like natives, international students also get to enjoy a wide variety of program options, including Business Administration, Computer Network Technology and Radio and Television Broadcasting, to name a few. Short courses for budding Legal Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians and Healthcare Aides are available as well.

Despite its wallet-friendly fees, Herzing College takes pride in producing graduates who enjoy immediate employability. In fact, it has a Career Development Center that can help foreign students find employment opportunities in Canada.

The institution also offers convenient scheduling, which is perfect for international students with employment issues and other time conflicts. In fact, day, part-day and evening classes are available to its foreign learners.

With campuses located in Winnipeg and Manitoba, international students also get the chance of choosing the best location for their needs (even preferences.)

Vanier College

Located in beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec is Vanier College, one of the most affordable schools in Canada for international students. With tuition fees ranging from CAD 4,900 to 7,700 per year, it boasts of a cheap price, given its surperior education.

At Vanier College, foreign learners can specialize in their careers of choice, given the school’s wide range of

programs, including Business Administration, Computer Science, Early Childhood Education, Nursing and Special Care Counselling, to name a few.

Additionally, Vanier College international students can also take pre-university courses in Commerce, Communications, Modern Languages, Music and Science (among many others) in case they want to pursue higher studies at any of Canada’s most respected universities.

If your English is not too well, Vanier College offers language tutorial services through its Learning Center. Here, individual assistance is extended by peer tutors at least one hour per wekk.

New Brunswick Community College

With more than 90 programs spread over 6 campuses in Canada’s foremost maritime province, the New Brunswick Community College proves to be one of the best options for international students.

Given its conducive learning environment and impressive curriculum, it is one of the cheapest in the country, as the tuition only costs an annual average of CAD 6,300 for international students.

At New Brunswick Community College, foreign students get the chance to specialize in the fields of Applied and Media Arts, Business Administration, Engineering Technology, Health, Hospitality and Tourism, and Information Technology, to name a few.

Apart from its reasonable tuition fees and excellent educational curriculum, another perk that comes with studying at the New Brunswick Community College is the chance to roam through the province’s five scenic drives, namely the Acadian Coastal Drive, Fundy Coastal Drive, River Valley Scenic Drive, Appalachian Range Route and the Miramichi River Route.

Assiniboine Community College

Offering more than 30 programs, the Assiniboine Community College is one of the most affordable options for international students in search of quality Canadian education. With tuition fees ranging from CAD 7,052 to 10,520 per year, it is a popular destination amongst foreign enrolees. As such, the school receives an average of 15-20 international applicants every year.

Located in Manitoba, Canada, Assiniboine Community College features an accessible location, as its main campus is located in Brandon. It also has a satellite school in Dauphin, as well as regional training sites in Russell, Neepawa and Winnipeg.

At Assiniboine Community College, international students can major in Office Administration, Business Administration, Communications Engineering Technology, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Interactive Media Arts, to name a few.

While the college does not have student housing, international students can take refuge in nearby abodes, such as the Brandon University Residence, located three kilometres away from the school.

Red River College

Red River College, the largest institute of applied learning in Manitoba, is considered the intellectual home of many foreign students. And why not? Apart from its numerous program offerings, the tuition fee is very reasonable. Unlike other institutions that levy expensive fees, Red River College only charges an annual average of CAD 8,830 for international students.

Its cheap tuition aside, Red River College is well-respected in the country, as it offers a total of 72 programs, including Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Computer Studies, Culinary Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Photography, to name a few.

Despite its affordable fees, Red River College is more than dedicated in enhancing the experience of its foreign students. To wit, the school offers special counseling services, student residence and accommodation referrals and immigration/tax workshops, to name a few.

Northwest Community College

A historical experience in a supportive college environment – this is what Northwest Community College brings to the table. Located in the scenic province of British Columbia, Canada, this public post-secondary educational institution offers quality education for a cheap price. Here, international students only pay an average of CAD 9,497 in tuition fees every year.

While its’ inexpensive cost continues to attract many foreign students in search of noteworthy education, it remains to be a popular choice mainly because of its full range of programs, ranging from Health, Business, Science and Arts to Technical and Trade-related degrees. More importantly, Northwest offers educational credits that can be transferred to university programs.

With its small-sized classes and combined English Language/Career programs, Northwest Community College proves to be one of the most economical options for students who wish to immerse in the richness of Canadian culture.

Nova Scotia Community College

With 13 campuses and 6 community learning centers scattered through the lovely province of Nova Scotia, the state’s community college is known for its programs in Health Science, Applied Arts and Polytechnic programs.

Additionally, the Nova Scotia Community College plays home to four recognized institutes, such as the Nova Scotia Nautical Institute, the Aviation Institute, the Center of Geographical Sciences and the School of Fisheries.

With these high distinctions, Nova Scotia Community College is surprisingly cheap, compared to other Canadian institutes. International students only need to pay an average of CAD 9,515 every year.

While Nova Scotia Community College’s tuition fees are very reasonable compared to other schools, the school can further lower the cost by providing two entrance awards to deserving foreign applicants. Student Financial Aid is extended to through the Canada Student Loans and Nova Scotia Student Loans programs as well.

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