Top 5 reasons to study at a Canadian University For International Students

Canadian Universities are a hotbed of providing superb educational, social and an overall university experience. It is no secret that Canadian University degrees will open doors in the field of your choice while also being recognized as a valuable degree to have internationally.

The Top 5 reasons to choose Canada as your study destination:

  1. Work Experience: Placement experiences, on- and off-campus work permits and co-op opportunities allow international students to integrate their academic studies with practical experience. Through these avenues, students gain marketable skills,

network with future employers and earn a salary at the same time. Unique to Canada is the ability for international students to stay and work here for three years following graduation and then apply for citizenship.

  1. Immigration Possibilities: It’s no secret that Canada is the second largest country in the world totaling 9,984,670 km². The UK fits into Canada approximately 40 times! With that much land and only 34 million people, we’re a country that welcomes new immigrants. The Canadian Experience Class makes it easier for international students to apply for permanent resident status once they have  graduated from a university and have one year of work experience.
  1. Cost of Living & Tuition: Canada is known for high quality, low-cost education. Our tuition rates for international students are lower than many other countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Cost of living  is considerably less in Canada than the UK and Europe.
  1. Friendliness & Diversity: Over the past 100 years, more than 13 million immigrants have come to Canada to start a new life. This makes Canada one of the world’s most ethnically diverse countries. Canada’s cultural mosaic is evident in the variety of restaurants and grocery stores, religious places of worship, and festivals throughout the year.
  1. Safety: Canada is a friendly, safe country with a high standard of living. Canada ranked #4 amongst the world’s safest countries in the 2012 Global Peace Index. Canada is a peaceful country that spends more on its health care system than on its armed forces. In 2011’s International Student Barometer (ISB) survey of students around the globe, Laurier scored 89% for student satisfaction in overall living and safety.


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