Concordia University Ranking in Canada
Concordia University Ranking in Canada   Quick Information:  Rank 20 for percentage of international doctoral students Rank 35 for percentage of international graduate students Rank 55 for percentage of international undergraduate students Rank 59 for percentage of international master’s students Rank 82 for percentage of international academic teaching staff... Read more
University of Ottawa Ranking in Canada
  University of Ottawa Ranking in Canada   Adjacent to the famous Rideau Canal is the University of Ottawa, fondly known to its students and professors as the U of O. The University of Ottawa is a bilingual research University situated in the capital city of Canada – Ottawa.... Read more
York University Ranking in Canada – With Photos
York University Canada Ranking Many international and domesitc students in search of greener educational pastures often head to the United States and United Kingdom. But little did they know that they can get the same quality of instruction – at a cheaper price – at Canada’s most prestigious universities.... Read more
International Student Fees in Canada Below you will find the list of international student fees in Canada by university. Canadian Universities are all very standardized therefore regardless of which university you decide to go you are guaranteed a great overall experience. This list will provide you the tuition fees... Read more
There are several documents that you need if you plan to be an International student in Canada. Several of which are documented in article titled: How to get into a Canadian University as an International Student. A Study Permit is required if you are not a Canadian citizen or... Read more
Canadian Universities are a hotbed of providing superb educational, social and an overall university experience. It is no secret that Canadian University degrees will open doors in the field of your choice while also being recognized as a valuable degree to have internationally. The Top 5 reasons to choose... Read more
Being an International student in Canada can be an excited and rewarding long term option. You will receive a quality education from an accredited Canadian University and once you graduate you will be employable at any organization that operated in Canada and in many parts of the world. It... Read more
Frequently Asked Questions About Studying in Canada – For International Students.
If you are aspiring to study in Canada, than this is the resource guide for you. I am a student outside of Canada (International Student) and want to study in Canada – Where do I start? Universities and Colleges in Canada offer various programs from Business to Architecture. You... Read more