Concordia University Ranking in Canada

Concordia University Ranking in Canada


Quick Information: 

  • Rank 20 for percentage of international doctoral students
  • Rank 35 for percentage of international graduate students
  • Rank 55 for percentage of international undergraduate students
  • Rank 59 for percentage of international master’s students
  • Rank 82 for percentage of international academic teaching staff
  • Rank 143 for number of staff of Nobel Laureates and Fields medalists

Indepth Analysis of Concordia University Ranking in Canada:

Established in 1974 after the merger of the Sir George Williams University and Loyola College, Concordia University is a relatively young Canadian institution that has gained an impressive reputation throughout the country – and all over the world.

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Concordia is a public research university wherein English is the primary medium of

instruction. Offering more than 400 undergraduate and graduate degrees, the two-campus university is one of Canada’s best institutions for individuals in search of quality yet affordable education.

Concordia in the Maclean’s Survey

Published every November, the Maclean’s University Ranking Guide is an informative compendium for graduating Canadian high schoolers in search of quality college education. Known as the foremost survey of Canada’s quality of education, the results of the survey have dictated the decisions of many college entrants in search of the best school that Canada has to offer.

Ever since the survey was started in 2006, Concordia University has prevailed in its three categories, primarily the bracket for comprehensive universities. A list of institutions with research undertakings, undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees, 2013’s inventory put Concordia University at the 13th spot.

Concordia in the Higher Education Strategy Associates

Another survey that dictates the rankings of Canadian universities locally is the research conducted by the Higher Education Strategy Associates. In this survey, much weight is being placed on the university’s research strength.

For the 2012 edition, Concordia has infiltrated the top 10 best universities for Social Science and Humanities research. It was placed 9th out of a slew of Canadian universities specializing in the said fields.

Concordia in the Academic Ranking of World Universities

In 2013, Concordia University became the newest Canadian institution to be included in the top 500 list of the

Academic Ranking of World Universities, a comprehensive survey done by scholars from the prestigious Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Concordia’s highest citations include the following:

  • Rank 20 for percentage of international doctoral students
  • Rank 35 for percentage of international graduate students
  • Rank 55 for percentage of international undergraduate students
  • Rank 59 for percentage of international master’s students
  • Rank 82 for percentage of international academic teaching staff
  • Rank 143 for number of staff of Nobel Laureates and Fields medalists

As for performance by subject fields, its Economics/Business programs have slipped slightly from the 101-150 bracket in 2012 to the 151-200 category for the year 2013.

Concordia in the QS Top Universities Ranking

Truly world-class, Concordia University has managed to penetrate the top 500 barrier of the equally-reputable QS Top Universities Ranking Survey.

With its score of 28.7, the institution has jumped to the 481-490 category for the year 2013, after being delegated to the 501-550 bracket in the year 2012. Although it was a far cry from the university’s ranking in 2007 (it was 383rd in the world back then,) the survey trends show that Concordia’s status is not going anywhere – but up.

With regard to survey indices, Concordia’s highest marks are in the following categories: International Students (rank 104) and International Faculty (rank 218.) Its Employer Reputation index, on the other hand, was given a score of 43 (rank 353.)

As for the performance of all the Canadian schools in the QS survey, Concordia is firmly planted in the 22nd spot. But as for regions, Concordia is heralded as the sixth best university in the province of Quebec, after McGill, Université de Montréal, Laval University, Université de Quebec and Université de Sherbrooke.

As for University Rankings per subject, Concordia’s highest-ranking discipline is that of Communications and Media Studies, which was included in the 51-100 bracket, a far cry from its 101-150 placing in the year 2012.

Taking significant strides in the survey as well are Concordia’s Accounting, Education and Training and English Language and Literature schools, all of which are included in the 101-150 category. Most notably, the 2 latter programs have improved in comparison to the 2012 results, as they were then included in the151-200 bracket back then.

Apart from these disciplines, Concordia’s other programs have entered the top 500 list as well. Its Arts and Humanities programs are at rank 206, while its Social Sciences and Management courses are ranked 317th in the entire world. Its Engineering and Technology programs, on the other hand, are ranked 355th. As for its Natural Sciences, Life Sciences and Medicine degrees, both programs are currently at rank 401.

Concordia in the “The 100 Under 50 Universities”

Concordia is a relatively young university, but it has shown its educational prowess even it is just a year shy of four decades. True enough, it has proven that it has got what it takes to become a Canadian educational powerhouse, even if it is not as old as other institutions.

Acknowledging Concordia’s impeccable performance as a young university is “The 100 Under 50” Universities Survey, powered by Thomson Reuters. Published in the year 2012, the survey places Concordia on the 91st spot. Out of all the Canadian institutions in the survey, Concordia is considered the fourth-best ‘young’ school in the country, trailing after the University of Calgary, Simon Fraser University and the University of Guelph.

Concordia Business School

Canada is known for its great business schools, and one institution that has broken barriers as of late is Concordia’s John Molson School of Business.

According to the results of the 2013 Global Green MBA Survey conducted by the Corporate Knights Magazine, Concordia was deemed the second-best school in the world to get an MBA. Taking the top spot of the survey is another Canadian institution – York University’s Schulich School of Business.

Supporting this claim is the “Which MBA?” 2013 survey of The Economist Magazine, wherein Concordia was ranked second in the country (York University was ranked 22nd) and the 80th in the entire world.

Not only is Concordia considered one of the best business schools in the world, it is known to produce a huge number of Fortune 500 company CEOs as well. Concordia’s grads include Gerald McCaughey of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Andre Desmarais of the Power Corporation and Domenic D’Alessandro of Manulife Financial, to name a few.

For the year 2013, the university’s bevy of reputable CEOs has taken Concordia to the top echelon of the yearly survey conducted by the École des Mines de Paris. The survey, which places Concordia at rank 7 out of all Canadian universities, aims to analyse the development training programs of the world’s finest business schools.

Despite its relatively young age, Concordia University has proven to be an indomitable educational powerhouse, as evidenced by its impressive rankings in the aforementioned surveys. So if you are looking for a great yet affordable institution, then Concordia University should be your top choice.

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