This is a guest post by: Ryan D:

After consistently applying for a few months, I landed myself an interview for a Financial Analyst Interview. I was excited but scared because I know that I am a terrible interviewer, it is like I never know what to say or I am too nervous and say the wrong things.

I decided that I needed some help and a friend of mine in the industry recommended me the Ace Your Financial Analyst Interview package at I was sceptical at first but the reasonable price tag and a generous money back guarantee made me take the leap.

Essentially there are two books, an audio coaching program (excellent btw), and the Ace the Financial Analyst Interview Seminar Videos. the first is some sort of Guide – that goes over the Behavioural questions, but Peter also answers some technical questions as well about Variance Analysis, Forecasting etc. The second book, is entirely Technical and it goes over all the Technical questions that you could be asked in the Financial Analyst Interview.

I found both books exceptionally helpful because they both provide questions but great sample answers as well. Moreover, Peter goes over some excellent interview tips such as the Top 10 Core Competencies that Financial Analyst Interviewers look for in a candidate. I really found this helpful because now I knew what the interviewer is actually looking for so I made sure to demonstrate that in the interview.

Peter also shows you the Winning Interview Preparation Combo Secret, the basis of the book and something that allowed me to stand out in my Financial Analyst Interview. I highly suggest you get this book for only this reason.

I found this package beneficial to me because I could rely on one source to prepare me for my Financial Analyst Interview, instead of just aimlessly wandering the internet. Be careful though because you can easily get carried away with the excellent technical questions presented in the second book and if you are short on time you may need to only practice the really important ones.

I would give this program a 4.5/5 stars, In the interview I found myself presenting flawlessly, confidently and was short and concise and I finally landed the job.

The only downside was that Peter takes time to reply, I don’t know if this is for everyone but for me it took him approximately a day and a half. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this package for anyone that has an upcoming Financial Analyst Interivew.

I hope that helped,

Ryan D.

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