Best Marine Biology Universities in Canada – Part 3 – UBC Marine Biology

Best Marine Biology Universities in Canada – Part 3 – UBC Marine Biology

Do you see yourself studying, promoting and conserving marine life for the rest of your life? Do you want to be the champion of suffering aquatic animals all around the globe? Congratulations, you definitely have got what it takes to become a marine biologist.

While your passion for the creatures of the ocean is one thing, you need to equip your mind with cutting-edge knowledge in order to succeed as a marine biologist.

If you want to pursue your love for the ocean – and make the world’s seas a better, safer place for its residents –

then read on! Here you can learn more about conditioning your mind and passion at the University of British Columbia, known as one of the best marine biology schools in Canada.

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The University of British Columbia (UBC) is one of the most respected institutions in Canada – and the world. Located in the heart of vibrant Vancouver, this public, non-sectarian school boasts of a century of molding world leaders, movers and shakers in their respective fields.

In honor of the seas and the visionaries who want to make the world a better place, the University has instituted its Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. Housed under the Faculty of Science, this sector is offers undergraduate specializations in the Marine Sciences, in conjunction with other relevant specializations.

Why Study at UBC?

It cannot be denied that UBC offers some of strongest Marine Biology programs in Canada – and the world. If this affirmation is not good enough for you, then here are several other reasons why you should be suiting up as a Thunderbird:

1) UBC offers a wealth of Marine Biology degrees.

At UBC, you can choose from any of the institution’s many degree options for aspiring marine biologists. Here are some of interdisciplinary standard and honors programs offered by the university:

  • Oceanography and Biology
  • Oceanography and Physics
  • Oceanography and another subject (Chemistry, Geology or Geophysics)
  • Fisheries Oceanography
  • Microbiology and Oceanography

With these degrees, you can gain employment as a Marine Technician and do what you love the most – taking care of the seas. Apart from a work opportunity, any of these degrees can give you a solid educational foundation for a post-graduate education in the fields of Oceanography, Fisheries and other related specializations.

2) UBC Marine Biology courses are taught by some of the finest educators in Canada.

At UBC, you can take hold of exceptional Marine Biology education because you will be taught by leaders and

specialists from the different sectors of the discipline. Prominent instructors of UBC’s Marine Biology programs include:

  • Andrew Trites: director of the Marine Mammal Unit (Fisheries Center.)
  • Amanda Vincent: leader of Project Seahorse, an interdisciplinary marine conservation group.
  • William Cheung: specializes in the effects of global biodiversity and marine ecosystems.
  • Villy Christensen: specializes in the effects of human exploitation on marine ecosystems.
  • Scott Hinch: focuses on Pacific Salmons and their role in habitat choice and energy allocation.
  • Steven Martell: specializes in quantitative fishes stock assessment.
  • Murdoch McAllister: specializes in Bayesian statistical methods for estimation, risk assessment and decision analysis.
  • Sang-Seon Yun: focuses on biomolecules that play a role in marine invertebrate and fish processes.

With their guidance and knowledge, you can become breakthrough scientists just like them!

3) UBC makes real-life experiences possible.

UBC’s quality instruction cannot be died. Apart from this strong element, it also offers immersive experiences, just what you need to become a successful marine biologist. As a UBC student, you can collect data at sea – even ocean information with the use of sophisticated satellites!

4) UBC is considered as one of the strongest research universities in Canada.

UBC is known for its strong research background, making it one of the top three research institutions in Canada. At the university, you can engage your mind and skills in the fields of fisheries, marine and aquatic biology.

UBC makes study endeavors like these possible with its linkages with the country’s top research centers, such as the West Vancouver Lab, Vancouver Aquarium, Fisheries Center and Bamfield Marine Station. Here, you can take part in studies and conservation activities with the assistance of professionals. Some funding is also allocated by the department.

With such a reputation – improved by the university’s sophisticated equipment and machineries and connections with the aforementioned research hubs – you can enjoy the opportunity to delve into breakthrough studies with the guidance of published faculty members and instructors.

5) UBC plays home to several state-of-the art machineries and facilities.

At UBC, you can improve your dexterity with the school’s numerous devices and machineries. As an Oceanography student, you get to conduct laboratory experiments and simulate ocean phenomena with the use of sophisticated computers.

Once you get to work in the real world, you don’t have to guess as to how to use the equipment because the university can give you a chance to tinker with these machines yourself.

6) UBC has a comprehensive library.

When it comes to referencing, UBC surpasses most Marine Biology schools with its treasure trove of a library. Its wide collection of manuals, books, journals and other literary compilations can be accessed through the university library – and online collection too.

7) UBC crows with reputation and pride.

So what makes UBC one of the best Marine Biology schools in Canada? Apart from the aforementioned factors, the university’s untarnished reputation should make the school your top choice for an excellent education in Oceanography.

Despite being just more than a century old, UBC boasts of rankings that upend Canada’s oldest institutions. This year, it was ranked the 30th best university in the world by the Times Higher Education World University – making it the 2nd best in Canada. As for the Maclean 22nd Annual Rankings, UBC takes the penultimate spot in the major research universities bracket.

What Students Have to Say

As one of the top universities in Canada, it comes as no surprise why UBC Oceanography students have nothing but praises for the school. Given the university’s repute, high quality of teaching, esteemed faculty members and top facilities, students give the school an A+ for over-all educational experience.

Bottom Line

Marine Biology is a special endeavor. Fortunately, you can turn your dreams of being a marine biologist into actuality by enrolling at the UBC. Known as one of the best Oceanography schools in Canada, it offers a variety of courses for aspiring marine specialists.

Making the intensive educational experience possible is the school’s top-ranking faculty members and sophisticated equipment and facilities. Given the university’s strong research background, UBC’s Marine Biology can transform you into the world-class scientist that you ought to be.

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