How to get into a Canadian University from a Canadian High School

You have worked hard to get the good grades, made friends for life and gone through the inevitable drama that is High School.

Now it is time to move on to the next chapter of your life: University. University is an entirely different experience then High School. You will be exposed to different ideas, meet interesting people, and you will see yourself grow and change to find out who you really are. University will also challenge you to manage your time, your friends, your extracurricular and your studies. It can be a very rewarding experience if you understand the importance of time management and are open to making new friends.

If you are at a high school in Canada the process of applying to University is fairly easy. Not to worry, your High School will walk you through the process, but all you have to do is apply online:

Please follow following online application links for your respective province:

Alberta: Alberta Learning Information Service – Electronic Application Service

British Columbia: Post-Secondary Application Service of British Columbia (PASBC)


Quebec (c├ęgeps)

Most of the applications to apply to a Canadian University are completed online, for example for Ontario you would complete the OUAC101 online form at

Canadian Universities have similar programs but they all have different requirements to get in. Some require a 75% average in your 6 U/M courses while others require a 92% average. Therefore it is important that you start early in determining which Canadian Universities you will be applying to. Once you have a goal in mind aim to exceed the Canadian Universities requirements and apply early to get preferred access to a spot in the program of your choice.

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